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  1. A wing loading calculator can be found here: GET SOME, altitude!
  2. Got mine at age 50 yr & 9 months. 1995. Skydive Dallas. Don Yahrling, AFFCD. One of the hardest and proudest achievements of my life. Congrats, Steve. GET SOME, altitude!
  3. Anybody know what's up with Are they no more? is still up and I think that is where they got the winds aloft forecast. GET SOME, altitude!
  4. Chi Chi wants to know how big Sherry's new diamond is? GET SOME, altitude!
  5. Skydive Airtight received a visit from an unexpected Tulsa World newspaper reporter. Finally a positive article about skydiving. Thanks Matt! GET SOME, altitude!
  6. SCR-13114. Jump #100. April 5, 1992 with Tim Searcy, "DUK" Miller, Steve Haley, Mel "Mule" Tilley, Bill Volinic, Larry Hildebrand, and Khan Hildebrand. GET SOME, altitude!
  7. Edited by slotperfect to make the link clicky!
  8. As a DZO of a small Cessna DZ in lower mid-west USA, I pay TIs $30 and AFFIs $25 per jump. An AFFI gets $5 extra for a ground prep. A TI gets $5 extra for a ground prep for an AFP type tandem jump. And a TI doing a "VIP" type tandem gets another $10 extra. If the TI does a "handcam" he will earn another $30. So tandem pay here is from $30 to $75 per jump. And the TI may also get a generous tip, something that is rare to the AFFIs. GET SOME, altitude!
  9. Yepper Steve, ya started it! Tis a nice starter she has though. GET SOME, altitude!
  10. Chi Chi has made prolly 200 XXXL ParaChi "Angel Suits". Aubreys' suit is the largest she's made so far. GET SOME, altitude!
  11. My AFF Instructor certification signed by Don Yahrling at Skydive Dallas, May 1995. GET SOME, altitude!
  12. Give the mug to someone else for safe keeping. During the past 44 years I have been married three times. I have not been allowed to keep pictures of my ex's or ex-girlfriends. Even though they were put away, they always came up missing if I didn't destroy them. I have kept my mouth shut about gifts from other women. But, I sometimes wish I still had pictures of some of the ex's. My daughters, (I have four of them, all grown now), wish they had pics of them too. Their mother left when the youngest was 15 months old and was not heard from for over 15 years. Some of my ex's were mother figures to them and my daughters wish they had pics. GET SOME, altitude!
  13. I would prefer to call black people black. I only refered to black folks as African/American to try and keep my ass from being gnawed on by the world. Sorry if I offended you too. Hell, I just tried to ask a simple question about black skydivers in America and maybe get info to help the demographics of black skydivers in my area. Seems that some folks on here wanna stir shit about race and not answer the question at all. GET SOME, altitude!