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  1. Yeh true and luckily its just a cheap canopy i got for ground launching and towups it doesnt really matter for me FTMC
  2. That ones a 175 well i assume so and says r6 FTMC
  3. label on the orion swift plus reserve i have FTMC
  4. anyone know roughly how much a proper patch would cost$? FTMC
  5. what about all the fully sik cunts that skydive while they have a cold even after being warned about busting eardrums...then bust there eardrum...ok me but i know theres many others that have done it lol FTMC
  6. i had older vector with a original sabre 150 aswell and it only opened really hard if i pulled in a track.....the more out of trim it got the softer the opens were lol even snivels sometimes FTMC
  7. just get some ripstop tape or patches and do that for now...i have a canopy full of them lol... FTMC
  8. australian rules im pretty sure i read something like that... nearly positive...and yeh u can use single parachute systems with a belly mount reserve....but this whole idea of jumping base rig with no reserve under normal skydiving rules at your local dz just isnt gonna happen...skydiving is all about rules and regulations FTMC
  9. i would do it just wouldnt make a habit out of it and only do it on my own were theres no risk of someone flying into me under canopy..but mainly coz i hate packing base gear lol and only reason i would do it is to pull low as fuxk and freak a few ppl out ....and its never going to be legal and no dz in any normal country is ever going to let anyone do it anyway im pretty sure most base rigs cant even be jumped even if u had a chest mount reserve due to most base gear not being tso'd or some shit like that..also i could be wrong but im pretty sure one of the rules state if u dont have an aad u need an rsl...and vice versa not sure how u would go with that on a base rig FTMC
  10. its pretty simple if it were legal...would u rather have a skydive rig with a reserve and do the standard 5min rush packjob where the only real thing u have to worry about is having the slider down coz if shit goes bad u have your reserve right. or have single parachute system..spend about half hour fucking round packing a reserve style/base packjob were everything has to be perfect evertime coz your life depends on that 1 canopy and it still could malfunction..or even rap canopies with another jumper and have no options FTMC
  11. first skydiving canopy i ever launched was a stiletto 135.....have ground launched heaps of others and the stiletto would be my preferred skydiving ground launch canopy u can even soar them but u push your luck a bit with stalling etc coz u need fair bit of brakes as there still fairly steep compared to a speedwing with trimmers FTMC
  12. fazer is still way more elliptical then most skydiving canopies....speedwings usually make a stiletto look square... FTMC
  13. its actually fairly easy to ground launch a docile square skydiving canopy....way less of a handful then a elliptical touchy speedwing....i know a few ppl that learnt to ground launch 7 cell ravens etc that have never skydived...theres no way learning on a speedwing would have been safer its just stupid....and even if an amateur succefully launched a speedwing they are now flying a touchy highy responsive wing long story short u can get hurt doing anything just dont try to tell people a speedwing is a good learning tool people will get hurt or killed as many have already..... FTMC
  14. u dont mitigate gate the risk by flying a good canopy above your head.....even launching can be very dangerous it doesn't always go to plan.....i nearly got killed just from a launch gone wrong i hit the deck hard broke my legs and ankles badly also my arm plus having a femur sticking out sucks trust me........anyone can start skydiving fairly safely and its easy....speedwings are a different breed i would suggest flying paragliders first as there more realated to it..... speedflying is to Paragliding as BASE jumping is to Skydiving FTMC
  15. long live the super ravens!!! haha and i love how ppl get scared of them when they get that old it means i usually get them for next to nothing for either a reserve or even shenanigans ,water base etc... FTMC