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  1. DSE, I have been looking everywhere for one of the old fiber optic Cameye's we used to tape over the LED button on the old Sony camcorders before we had the plug in versions, I think this would work for the GoPro. (basically you tape the end of the fiber optic sensor over the LED on the camera) have you or anyone seen something like this? Any other solutions to knowing for sure if the Go Pro is on? the sound is tough to hear in the plane..
  2. We'll all be flocking in lodi on sunday, come out and join us! i flew an acro last weekend, loved it, will demo Eds ghost this weekend and if i like it order one myself...
  3. Right on Mad John, I'll be there as well with my wingsuit! dingo.
  4. yo yo heckler, call me at 415 407 5841, my bro Jerry's (you meet him in moab a couple of times) recovered from his accident at the royal gorge to where he can walk, and wants to give paragliding a go, lives in CO, want to hook him up with you. dingo.
  5. davidroyer

    MAUI locals?

    Yo sir calvin, it's dingo. call my bro joe, 808 250 1469, he'll show you a good time on maui, there's a cliff up on the volcano you need to go check out with him, it may be jumpable. there's also some seacliffs on a neighboring island we checked out but didn't have the climbing gear to get to the exit. either way he's the local hook-up for sure.
  6. yeah, i got some sick footage of that carnage, i'll cut it together soon, should be done by the end of the season, don't get much time to edit during jumping season, i'm no pro, just another monkey with a camera.... i'm wondering if i can blackmail the magot not to include the part about him squealing for his mom... i guess their real close...
  7. We need a hot chick to lead the flock, that's motivation for all of us slow old fucks to get in our slots faster...