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  1. Ronaldo

    Wings W10 & an Optimum Reserve ?

    I had a W10 with a PDR143 so I guess you can put an Optimum 160 on it
  2. Ronaldo

    Teardrop Superfly - RSL

    IMO, if you don’t feel safe with the RSL routed as shown in the manual, simply remove it. Do not try to do it in a different way unless you get approval from the manufacturer!
  3. Ronaldo

    Rigs & Things / Paraservice

    Yes, many times. Absolutely perfect, not to mention they usually have the best prices you can find
  4. Ronaldo

    Wingsuit mods

    Not really, some will even advise against a longer bridle as they believe it increases the chances of a knot. The only downside may be making the container look good after closing with dynamic corners. It just takes a little bit of care which is not a problem if you pack but hired packers would rarely care about.
  5. Ronaldo

    Slider Operation 101

    Is it something like this? You may try to get a same size used slider (or have a rigger to make one) and cut a small hole in the center. Progressively increase the hole and see if you can reach the perfect time for you. If it doesn’t work you still have the original one and will not lose resale value of your canopy. The same size should maintain its reefing characteristics. The slider starts to go down when the drag pushing it up becomes smaller than the forces applied by the lines. You may change this balance point a little bit changing the drag Good luck Edited to add
  6. Ronaldo

    Tube design: HD

    I made 2 tubes for HU. If I was going HD I would try to build something adapting an old riser + cutaway handle.
  7. Ronaldo

    whats wrong with my canopy in this vid

    How many jumps do you have on the canopy? Can you post a video of what your consider one of its normal openings? Regarding this particular video, the slider stays up for a long time (snivel). At this stage the canopy is very sensitive to any input such as body position or grabbing risers. Also, at this stage the speed is very high and canopy is narrow spanwise which amplifies any input (intentional or not). If your canopy has snivelly openings it is even more important to keep shoulders leveled during deployment. Even if you have twists if your shoulders are leveled the canopy will probably not turn or do it slightly. Was it packed for a long time before the jump? I have a Cobalt that snivels a lot more when left packed for weeks (all the air goes out). I believe the type of fabric (Gelvenor) has also an influence.
  8. Ronaldo

    reserve WL

    Check the dates on the reserve packing card. The rig might have had a 140 previously then a 155 packed inside now. Either way both reserves are too small for your number of jumps/ wingload IMO. BTW, did you buy the package without even opening to see what is inside?
  9. Ronaldo

    Scotch Gard

    This is the one I have always used. The only difference was a sticker outside with instructions in Portuguese since it was an imported product. I believe the original can design has changed to this: At the website above you can see all types available. I believe you should not use the blue can (carpet cleaner/ protector), purple (for crafts) or the black one (car upholstery) The can you have looks like for general application and I can’t really comment on that
  10. Ronaldo

    Creating a sock for my tube handle

    May I suggest a different solution? Have your rigger to make a soft handle and sew it to the PC (across the width). You can use the cordura you have to match your rig so it will look like it was factory made. These are the pictures of the handle I made to replace the plastic pipe on my wingsuit PC. The template I used is very simple, I can make a sketch if you need.
  11. Ronaldo

    Trim Chart for Cobalts

    Well, not a rigger but I have one copy
  12. Not a master by any means (I'm still learning too) but you're right about opening your legs, they are too close. You may also straighten your torso a bit more since the wind is hitting your back causing you to move forward. Another suggestion is to avoid insisting in keeping HD if you're sliding fast. Go back to the sit position and try again. I believe it is better to make many quick transitions than trying to force the position through the entire jump. Nice jump, congrats!
  13. Ronaldo

    Has anyone heard of Skyline Helmets?

    These helmets are made in Brazil by a friend of mine (Paulo Marques). Check his website: His helmets are made of fiberglass (no carbon fiber). Paulo (Paulinho) is a great guy and I totally recommend him. The Skyline dealer in US is Marcos Vinicius ( Safe skies Ronaldo
  14. Ronaldo

    Packing question

    You should not roll the nose on a Safire. Rolling the tail shouldn't be an issue (unless you roll to the point of getting a line over). Leave the center cell in the front and just fold in (don't roll) the outer cells, this will give heading to the canopy. If it doesn't work I suggest you have someone else to pack and jump it again, this will eliminate one variable. Also, how does it behave once opened? Does it turn in full flight? Is the lineset microline or vectran? How many jumps on it?