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  1. Peregrine Manufacturing Glide Dude..what the hell is on your head?
  2. I know the answer but I'm gonna be that guy. ....why the specific focus on a C license at 19 jumps? Dude..what the hell is on your head?
  3. I've had three cutaways with a hand cam (one particularly gnarly) and have never had an issue. Most of the designs out there and now the one I've started building are so low profile that an altimeter would create the same snag hazard. Dude..what the hell is on your head?
  4. Hey there....can any of you out there that regularly jump at Elsinore shoot me a quick email. Im buying a canopy from a guy who jumps there and just want to confirm he exists. thanks [email protected] Dude..what the hell is on your head?
  5. Thanks guys for your productive replies Dude..what the hell is on your head?
  6. I'm not quite sure which Gatorz to buy. I have a rather thin face. What do you use? Dude..what the hell is on your head?
  7. I just received in a rawa vision with a box for a cx100 side box. At first i thought that i got the wrong size box but after talking with chutingstar for a bit im starting to think that its just a unusually tight fit. I still havent been able to close it completely. Has anyone else had this issue with this box? Hints or tips to remedy? Dude..what the hell is on your head?
  8. I had already used your badass search function but was looking for a little more although i think ive got what we need. THE MOUNTS SHOWN Badass?? Questionable.......Functional and safe?? Probably Badass on Airtwardo?? No doubt Thanks! Dude..what the hell is on your head?
  9. Does anyone out there have any good pics/a good design for a badass smoke bracket? Myself and a buddy are looking at putting something together in our free time and there are some really gnarly....and some really crappy designs floating around. (Ex. duct tape and boot) Dude..what the hell is on your head?
  10. My God gregpso...go away Send me your address and I will send you a bowling ball..give you something to do other than sling fairy tales on here Dude..what the hell is on your head?
  11. What kind of rig do you jump? Dude..what the hell is on your head?
  12. Ive been looking into stowless/semi-stowless bags and have seen the NoStoBag by AeroSports on Chutingstar. Asking around i havent heard any pros or cons about it. Does anyone have any experience/reviews of this product. edit: thread title Dude..what the hell is on your head?
  13. # "I love brand wars" # Do it right the first time...get a Voodoo. (Flame retardant) Seeing as your a lower jump number guy a Talon FX may be better. You can only get Voodoos up to a certain size canopy. Dude..what the hell is on your head?
  14. Ive noticed at every...yes every.. Strong DZ that I have been to, the packers do not open the velcro flaps and place the s-folded canopy onto the flattened bag as the manual says. (I'm certainly not saying that noone does it this way) Ive actually seen many of these bags with the velcro sewn shut and the canopies are inserted as with a normal sport bag. Does anyone use the Strong bags as "directed"? For anyone who doesn't know--the Strong anti-slump bag (their d-bag) is held in iys shape with velcro and the manual says to open the bag so that it lays flat on yhe ground. After you do your s-fold you place the canopy on top of the bag and fold it around the canopy and mate the velcro thus eminating having to stuff it into the bag. Locking stows are then used to keep the top shut as per the norm. Question----isnt this a huge pain in the ass? Dude..what the hell is on your head?
  15. Well I certainly did not intend to come across as a condecending ass and if you took it as such I sincerely apologize. With no profile info and judging by your questions I was assuming you've got between 40 to 80 jumps. On top of this a full explaination could help another younger jumper with the same questions. Fyi..understanding canopy flight on paper and feeling camopy flight are very different. I was just trying to answer the question that you asked. If you don't like/dont agree with my answer I apologize. Dude..what the hell is on your head?