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  1. those are good... exactly the sort of stuff I am looking for. thanks.
  2. Resume is being used for a pretty wide range of jobs. I'm not expert in any one field, but am junior to intermediate in quite a few. The skill set does imply a hefty amount of responsibility,critical thinking, and people skills, So, it should apply to many jobs a may seek. I haven't jumped in two yrs due to a nagging shoulder injury. Its okay now, but right arm would have a tough time reaching high enough for a toggle. i'm 50 and after 3000+ jumps, i realize my time may be up for the sport. hehe. Not really regretful, I had my fun...time for the young ones to have a chance..hehe. finances are at critical levels, so I am looking at almost anything close to home with semi flexible hours. post office might be the first i apply for as the outdoors even in Canadian winter would be preferable to an inside office job supervised by a control freak..hehe
  3. Hey does anyone have a good list of the skill set for Instructors? I am back looking for work and feel i have under sold the full range of attributes/skills in regards to my instructing on my resume. "Responsible for teaching all life saving skills, and theory seminars, coaching in air and ground, refining of skills, equipment advice" thanks for any suggestions or links. Bill
  4. okay...canadian skydiving maybe gets a bit more expensive. Any US leased plane might be exempt? A homegrown 206 wouldnt though... Hmmm Feds order small planes to install warning systems The Canadian Press Date: Saturday Dec. 3, 2011 8:10 AM ET VANCOUVER — The federal government is accepting a Transportation Safety Board recommendation to reduce small plane crashes 16 years after the board first suggested aircraft be required to install terrain warning systems. While many in the aviation industry say the plan is sound and will save lives, another said its a move by the federal government to wipe out the private aviation industry. On Friday, Transport Canada announced proposed regulations that would force both commercial and private planes with six or more passenger seats to be equipped with a terrain awareness warning system. The board's recommendations for the system go back to 1995 after seven people were killed in a crash in Sandy Lake, Ont., two years earlier. Transport Minister Denis Lebel said the use of the warning systems will significantly reduce the risk of airplane crashes with land, water and obstacles. "Our government will continue to strengthen aviation safety for Canadians," Lebel said in a news release. The warning systems, known as TAWS, provide cautions, warnings and visual alerts to flight crew when the path of the airplane is predicted to crash to the ground. But Kevin Psutka, the president of the 18,000-member Canadian Owners and Pilots Association, said many of his members don't fit into the commercial category and will be forced to pay many thousands of dollars for equipment they don't need. "Private aviation in Canada is over-regulated and there is no good reason why the people that I represent should be affected by this regulation," he said in an interview. He conceded the government has gone part way to addressing his group's concern by making the regulation kick in for aircraft with over six passengers. Most of the aircraft his members fly have six seats in total, meaning there would be a maximum of five passengers. Psutka said the average cost to outfit a plane with the system could be $30,000 to $40,000. "Our sector of aviation is not a bunch of rich people with toys. We're average Canadians," he said. "What Transport (Canada) is doing to our sector of aviation is destroying it." The federal government said operators of larger aircraft already have the systems installed. Lebel's department estimates the change would save about $215 million over 10 years in preventing deaths, serious injuries and damage. "(Controlled flight into terrain) is the leading cause of fatalities in airline accidents worldwide since the collision with terrain usually results in total destruction of the aircraft," said the federal government's advisory circular that went out to industry stakeholders earlier this year. John McKenna of the Air Transport Association, the voice of commercial aviation in Canada, said the regulations are long overdue and the equipment saves lives. "We think it's a good piece of equipment and we are largely in agreement with this," he said. Merlin Preuss, vice president of government regulatory affairs with the Business Aviation Association isn't sure how it will impact his members yet. "It came right out of the blue, didn't even know they were going to do. We weren't ready for it at all." Those in the industry have a 75 day consultation period to comment on the changes before they're finalized. Psutka said his organization will raise its concerns during the consultation period, but he's not hopeful for change. Psutka said many of his members' planes are already equipped with a type of TAWS, but that won't satisfy the federal government regulations. "It is unfair to broad brush, lump everybody into the same package and say everybody that's in this category has to have one," he said. Read more:
  5. Okay...I admit I have obviously jumped to a conclusion on the identity. To all who posted....I stand corrected. I am a dog owner and found the number of dogs killed extremely high. I do understand the farmers predicament. Thanks all who posted to correct me ...I am humble once again...
  6. A farmer is shooting dogs to protect his cattle. this is really a follow up story of a DZO after 5 fatalities here is a background story article :
  7. okay ...this is a bit over board... Fire-breathing bartenders arrested, face 45 years By: Scott McCabe Examiner Staff Writer August 17, 2010 Read more at the Washington Examiner: Two fire-breathing bartenders face up to 45 years in prison each for performing flaming bar tricks. Jimmy's Old Town Tavern owner Jimmy Cirrito said his bartenders have been entertaining his customers -- by juggling bottles of alcohol and spitting out streams of flames using matchbooks and lighters -- for more than a decade and no one's complained. But shortly after midnight on July 24, two of his longtime employees were hauled out of the Herndon bar in handcuffs and charged with three felonies each plus other misdemeanors "They were being treated as if they were terrorists, charged as if they intentionally tried to burn down the tavern," Cirrito said. Fairfax County fire investigators charged Tegee Rogers, 33, of Herndon, and Justin Fedorchak, 39, of Manassas, with manufacturing an explosive device, setting a fire capable of spreading, and burning or destroying a meeting house. They also were charged with several state fire code misdemeanors. Both men have worked at the tavern nearly since it opened. They both recently became fathers and are very anxious about facing serious criminal charges, Cirrito said. Jimmy's Old Town Tavern bartenders have performed the fire-breathing act for 13 years, at first doing the tricks on special occasions like birthdays or to honor a fallen fireman, police officer or soldier, Cirrito said. By 1999, the fire-breathing bartenders had become a Friday midnight tradition, he said. The bar uses the fire-breathing bartenders on its advertisements. Cirrito said an investigator told him that the marshals received a letter in the mail with a photo taken of a previous performance at the bar. Cirrito said he has never received a warning from the fire marshals, and he would have stopped if marshals had given him a warning. "But I don't think we've done anything wrong," he said. "There's a lot of fire in restaurants. I've been served flaming desserts, I've roasted marshmallows on tables, I've seen 75 candles and sparklers on cakes, and I've seen bartenders perform the tricks coast-to-coast and no one's been arrested." [email protected] Read more at the Washington Examiner:
  8. I have always asked myself...."is it important enough to do a 'stunt' and risk injury" I usually want to be on the next load...and I am not willing to risk that...
  9. I consider myself a relative newbie at a 1000+ tandems still... my job is to tighten straps as much as possible evenly without getting a complaint. All I seem to get is a few pukers (3) and a bunch of the flabby ones who complain about the harness under canopy and who can't adjust the leg straps. by far the more popular question is "Is this too loose?" (main lift webs) I have tried to hook legs back at deployment on the more pear shaped try an insure the legs cant go forward, but seriously wonder if I have the ability in a crazy hard opening. all I got for now..
  10. I remember Keegstra.... here's one the recent free speech issues.. -ex British MP George Galloway has been denied entry...unable to fulfill an invitation to give speech. So free speech, of course, doesn't include foreign nationals...even if the 'foreign' Head of State is the same person. I.e. The Queen. I don't speak as a supporter of his necessarily, but was aware of this particular issue...I plan to read up on his views if they are so volatile... He's anti-war, and we're pulling out... and we transferred prisoners to be tortured.....meanwhile a base commander from Trenton, is up on 82 Charges of everything up to rape... The C in C of the Armed forces is ordering himself to investigated for a weapons discharge. At the same time he says release of classified material about Afghanistan is okay, yet the government is against it... an ex MP (cocaine possession) is ruling the Commons debate and the news cycle still... So, with a minority tory government, and no effective opposition, nothing is getting done... Canada always finds a way...*sigh*
  11. We got two new ones for the last season. 1. no brakes settings. (you are stowing a bight of line of the steering lines on the cascades) It stages the opening. Saves time for packing) 2. Sweet low toggle pressure. 3. Flies pretty nicely. 4. If you haven't jumped one before, the opening can be a little fun....takes a bit of getting used to. I thought I was having a malfunction for the first 5 I would say its a decent main especially for the price. I hear they aren't as expensive as others.
  12. yeah a cattle prod sewn into a jsuit for a tandem passenger. electrodes on the arch TI has a bite switch for when they grab both Bill Booth make it so ! I want the 20,000volt model.
  13. hehe so the hijackers got the cool canopy/rig? lol Sometimes I think we need this system for FJC's or even some
  14. Saw this article....Wondering how the sterring lines are being controlled..