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  1. I generally take my helmet and goggles off for the ride up and put them back on at 10k. No noticeable fogging after that.
  2. The RX adaptor is not an insert. The frame is designed a little differently where the side extends a little farther out so that the lens can be flatter and accommodate higher prescriptions. if you look at the pictures of the Boss and the Boss + RX adaptor, you will notice immediatly what I am trying to explain. I feel like I really need the foam insert, but I have never tried to fly without it as I use an open face. I didn't get the anti fog coating, no need with an open face. After a year of jumping, I felt like the foam was getting a little flat, and I got a replacement directly from Wiley X that is a little thicker than the original. https://www.wileyx.com/wx-boss-removable-facial-cavity-seal-thick-ccbosg2t
  3. I have strong astigmatism and I like open face helmets. Just like you, I was using Liquid Eyewear until they stopped doing prescription. I switched to Wiley X. They have two models (and I have both) that are specifically made for strong prescriptions. The Boss and the Gravity. The Boss is a little wider. https://www.sportrx.com/wiley-x-gravity-adaptor.html https://www.sportrx.com/wiley-x-boss-rx-adaptor.html I got them at Sport RX and the service was very good. They come with a strap that helps keep them secure and a foam insert that keeps the wind out. The foam insert can be replaced if needed. Hope this helps.
  4. Always carried my rig with me in a bag, hook knife in checked luggage. Once about 8 years ago, they had me unpack the main at JFK. They took a look at the canopy and I repacked it on the floor. Not sure why they wanted that but I thought it was better not to argue with them.
  5. Don’t Broke the Goat https://vimeo.com/152784837
  6. I have been using Liquid Eyewear with a prescription insert for the past 6 years, and I am very happy with them. I use them with an open face cookie helmet.
  7. I have been using liquid eyewear for the last 5 years. They have a prescription insert that already has foam on it to keep the wind out. I've used them for belly and freeflying and have never had any issues. They are made of one piece of aluminium and they come in a wide variety of colors. You should definitely try a pair.
  8. I just came back from Florida with my rig in this bag from Eagle Creek. http://www.backcountry.com/eagle-creek-digi-hauler-backpack?ti=UExQIENhdDpEYXlwYWNrczoxOjI6YmNzQ2F0NzExMDAwNzY&skid=EAG3233-OCH-ONESIZ Not enough room for a helmet, but perfect for a rig.
  9. I have about 100 jumps on a Storm 190 loaded at 1.1. Openings are great, fast but soft. Cannot comment on the Spectre as I've never flown one.
  10. I've got a long face as well. I tried a lot of helmets but I have not found a full face helmet that fits me. Sorry i'm not helping much!
  11. I started with the goofy over the glasses goggles. At about 50 jumps I got myself a pair of liquid prescription glasses with the foam insert. I have been jumping them for three years now. http://www.liquidpolarized.com/
  12. I have been using Gasket with Prescription foam inserts for the last 150 jumps. I love them! The customer service was awesome. I don't want to use a full face so before that I was using OTG goggles. I fully recommend this product!
  13. Hi, I have strong astigmatism and I was getting tired of the over the glasses goggles. I purchased in December a pair of Liquid (the Gasket model) with the prescription foam insert. I jumped them 10 times with an open face helmet, and I love them! Customer service and communication was also awesome. I know I sound like a sales rep in disguise, but I'm just an average jumper happy about a new product. Cheers.