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  1. You all seemed armed with knowledge....
  2. I plan to start AFF next spring. Before then, I will be due for my eye exam, and I like to plan ahead. I've read old threads, and think my best bet is glasses and goggles, but I am open to advice about what I should ask for at my appointment related to my skydiving plans. I prefer to wear glasses, I wear my contacts a few times a year. I find contacts irritating, never did get used to them even when I wore them full time. I wore goggles over my glasses for my 2 tandems, and had no issues other than it was a different sensation, and a little distracting for a few seconds during freefall. I didn't think to ask opinions on this issue when I was at the DZ asking them all my other questions. If it helps you give me an opinion, my near-sighted eye is much stronger than my farsighted eye, and I am pretty sure I will be getting bifocals this time. I have to wear glasses all the time. I had no interest in LASIK as my sister had a bad experience with hers. I am also curious about prescription goggles. The prescription goggles I've searched all seem to have solid sides, which I don't like in theory. I know I'll have to be turning my head anyway to look around, but that seems it would limit my vision field more than I would like. Since I don't have any experience, I may as well ask if this is something I should explore. If I do get bifocals, are there any special requests I should make? I did read in past posts about having the line made lower. I have no idea if eye doctors have training in glasses skydivers would need! Thanks for any advice!
  3. Hanging in 9th place the last few days.
  4. Anyone read the Brad Thor novels? I was reading "Black List" on vacation, ended up paranoid and looking for security cameras everywhere. At the beginning of a beautiful journey!
  5. I can't find a free copy to share a link of, but the Five Wishes document is legal in 42 US states and a very nice way to do a Living Will and designate your healthcare surrogate if you are incapacitated. Make sure you get it notarized. I live in PA, where it doesn't have to be notarized. If I end up in a WV hospital 30 minutes away, it needs to be notarized. Our social worker at work hands them out when requested. At the beginning of a beautiful journey!
  6. There is a Nittany Skydivers Club on facebook, last post was a year ago. If that helps muddy the waters any.
  7. Raise his rent. More skydiving for you. You win! At the beginning of a beautiful journey!
  8. I had people tell me I was insane to do the tandem jump. I told them I was scared spitless, but the desire was greater than the fear. And I am so glad I got brave finally in my 40s. I won't be starting training until next year, but I was told today that my face is radiant telling people about my experience. I don't think I will ever be able to say "I am not afraid," but I sure hope to be able to say that I conquered some fears!
  9. These 4 were in a row Right wing acceptance of climate change BUSH DID IT FIRST!! Who needs an AR-15??? Egypt At the beginning of a beautiful journey!