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  1. Sorry to hear that. I just reported a scam this morning. I was trying to sell a container to this canadian duche that goes by Dmitry Noritsyn [email protected] I hope that it will get some attention.
  2. I just got the same email about a container and reserve that I have up for sale. Thanks for the info everyone. Its idiots like this shithead that make it almost impossible for people to trust one another. Thanks, Matt
  3. If your arms are getting exhausted, there's a good chance your not using your back for lift when your sitflying. Keep your chin up and back while arching out through your chest. Also leaning back slightly on the wind will allow you to catch more more wind on your back. The lift produced by your back will greatly reduce the pressure on your arms and chest. Once your no longer hanging on your arms, your flight endurance will increase dramatically and you'll be able to use your arms for docking. The arms are more like outriggers for stability than they are devices for producing massive lift. Hope that helps
  4. Ellie was an excellent student. She was always very humble and open to instruction. Her skills progressed faster than any of the other kids she grew up flying with. I cant wait to see where her talent will take her. She's a wonderful young lady that will always be welcome to jump in for a jam session with any of us at SVC. Keep up the good work Ellie, YOU ROCK! -Matt
  5. Hi Travis, Thanks for giving the SVC staff the Kudos. I'm glad that our efforts are paying off out in the skydiving world. We really try to produce the highest caliber of fliers possible. -Matt
  6. I also recieved an email from this clown wanting to buy a reserve canopy from me. I suspected a scam and it looks like I was right. Just wanted to let you guys know that "Adio" is trying to con multiple users. When I suggested in a later email that we use Paypal to ensure neither one of us gets ripped off, it scared him off. Thanks, Matt Thanks for the response.My client is okay with the the price and also note that the shipping payment will also be added to the actual amount.So send the below information so that you my client can send out the money order or cashier cheuque to you for payment: FULL NAME............. FULL ADDRESS......... PHONE NUMBER................ COUNTRY........ Am very sure you are an honest person and like to deal with you.Thank you.So you need not to worry about the shipping.My shipper will takecare of that.Hope to read from you soonest.My client is ready to offer you $ 700, .so get back to me fast. if any question you can call on +447031841192 [email protected] wrote: Hi, Thanks for your response to my ad. to answer your questions. I have owned the canopy for approx. 1 year. I am Selling it because I dont need it. The price is $650 and the buyer pays shipping. The photo is attached. This Micro Raven 135 Reserve Canopy is in immaculate condition. It has only been packed twice and has no rides on it. I hope we can do business. Thanks, Matt ----- Original Message ----- From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Sent: 4 Jul 2007 15:21:18 -0000 Subject: Classifieds - Response to your Ad > Hi freakfly24, > > On 4-Jul-2007 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the > Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. > > Username => adio > > URL => > > Name => bob > > FromEmail => [email protected] > > City => > > Country => > > Comments => Hello, > Im Bob. by name ,I came accross your contact details through web directory concerning > the used Reserve Canopies you have for sale and im highly interested in purchasing it.I will like > to know all the details about the Reserve Canopies before proceeding with the payment..... > 1. How long have you owned it? > 2. Why are you selling it? > 3. Last Price? > 4. Any avaliable photo? > So, your swift response to these required information would be highly entertained before > proceeding to the next stage. The method of payment is Money order or cashier cheque. Kindly > email back, if it's still forsale. Hope to hear fr you asap. Regards.+447031841192 > Bob >
  7. The all glass flight chamber will be very similar to the one being constructed in Hollywood. Im sure that with the tunnel being located in a huge tourist area, this tunnel will incorperate the same type of "street level" flight chamber that the Hollywood tunnel will have. This allows everyone walking past the facility to walk right up to the glass flight chamber and observe from outside of the actual facitlity. I've heard differnet SV corperate people mention this stuff about the Hollywood tunnel while they were out at SV Colorado.
  8. Bob, Thanks! Thats a more like what I've been looking for. I still want to gather more information. I still need more information on the finer points of head down manuvers. I need some more specific instruction. (Example: In order to side slide while head down you must......while you.....making sure not to.....). Is there any other information out there that outlines how to manuver more specifically?
  9. Thanks for the info. It's a good start. I still need to track down guidance for how to learn the basic head down manuvers (fall rate, lateral movement, exits, ect..). I need written tips (in lesson plan form) on body position and the "how to's" of head down. I can fly head down, but lack the ability to explain everything I do to remain there.
  10. Is there a training syllabus out there that teaches basic freeflying for sit and head down? I'm severely in need of some structured guidance (in written format) for sit and head down flight. Does anybody have anything like what I'm looking for?
  11. I've spoken to all the manufacturers that make our gear and they have said that all of their equipment is up for the task of freeflying. Each of them has assured me that the higher DZ elevation will have minimal (if any) impact on freefly safety and that freeflying will be no more dangerous than anything else we already do. I made sure to explain that we will have a structured training plan with expert coaching if the program is allowed to be implemented.
  12. Thanks for the input. I am trying to put together training trips for some of the staff here to get spun up on being freefly instructors, but I have met with some oposition in the process. If I can find the right awnsers to the right questions, then I could make this happen. Chad is one of the people I'm trying to make an instructor along with 3 others. Grant is no longer in, he got out. I have one or two cadets that are talented enough to become instructors with a little more training. Do you think that freeflyng is more dangerous at a higher elevation DZ than at sea level. Take into consideration premature deployments and stuff. Blue Skies! PS We have Talon FS and Vector 3 containers w/ Spectre 170's, PD-235's,& PD-253's. Reserves are PD-176R and PD-218R. All With Cypres's
  13. OK here's the deal. Tell me what you think. I'm currently assigned to a military dropzone. We are looking at the possibility of starting a freefly program here, but people are concerned about the limitations of the gear (if any) and malfunctions when jumping at a DZ 6000 feet above sea level. I'm asking all of this because there have been statements made here that need to be either substantiated or dismissed. People are making comments like " If we start freeflying here (due to the altitude of the DZ and possible premature deployments) , we will kill somebody". I feel that these arguments are unsubstantiated due to the fact that we already perform maneuvers here that occur at freefly speeds and on the different axis's of flight. For example... We perform style jumps here. The style jumpers either go into a stand or go head down to build speed for their "set" of maneuvers. These speeds are well above belly flying speeds, but they are "acceptable" because style is accepted and established here. Freeflying occurs at the same speeds that the style jumpers are flying. Style jumpers also fly on multiple axis's and again, this is acceptable because it is style. Freeflying occurs on multiple axis's but is considered dangerous. We have another maneuver here called a "High-Low" that we use for Demo jumps. Two people exit at the same time. One person is wearing a large floppy suit that allows them to slow their fall rate substantially, while the other person wears a tight RW suit and goes into a no lift head down dive to attain as much speed and separation as possible. This maneuver easily exceeds the speeds of normal relative work and normal freeflying, but it is accepted. We routinely do Big Ways here. People tracking down to the large formations are routinely exceeding normal RW and freeflying speeds and their doing it while heading for a large group of people.These are just some of the things that occur here and have been going on for many many years. These things were going on before containers were even designed to handle speeds in excess of 120 mph. I feel that with the proper training, freeflying can be performed safely here at the Air Force Academy. I think that the arguments being proposed against it are not well founded in reality. I interpret the incorporation of modern freeflying as an expansion on the things that we have already been doing safely for many years. We have already been doing multi axis and high speed flight, but it has just been given a different name. I want to see our sport and my squadron continue to develop, but I can't be the only person speaking up. Somebody had to propose every evolution that has been made in this sport (Style, Accuracy, 4-way, Big-ways, Swooping, Freeflying, ect...) Please help me out and provide me some well founded thoughts and ideas on my issue. Thanks!
  14. There are a few different companies that make lenses that fit the PC109. One company is called Way Cool Industries the other is called Cookie composites. Way cool has 3 different types of lenses. I use The "Blue Eye" .45 lens and it works fantastic. Cookie composites carries the "Liquid" Line of lenses. I havent used one, but I've delt with the company before and they produce high quality gear with great customer service. Way cool is also an outstanding company to do business with. I think that Diamond is also comming out with lenses that will fit the 25mm PC109.