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  1. Gary Beyer would be a good coach and can work on your big way skills. check out
  2. I think Gary would be the only one to say that. I figured since it had been so quiet in the RW forum I might be able to drum up some activity in here. I guess a female 14 year old flying better than most people isn't as provocative as the thought of belly flying itself dying out, or the concept of a female class at world meets. Then again, maybe most folks saw through my thinly veiled attempt to show off my own skills under the guise of bragging about the wonder-kid. "Oooh look at ME, I can get a 21.7 when I've got three other bad-asses flying around me!" Oh wait...
  3. Hell yeah I'm proud! But it has always been a big deal between us as her 'rents that she does it because she wants to. Its pretty easy (especially for me) to get a little too pumped with visions of a world champion and wanting her to have what I want. The reality is, what would all of that mean if she wasn't digging it while she was doing it? But I got lucky and we've got another season planned. Bedford is out due to other commitments of our teammates, but we'll be doing something. The Gauntlet for sure! The funny thing about this video of her progression is that her initial reaction to it was embarrassment. Aaah to be a teenage girl. I still dig watching it!
  4. I know jealousy when I hear it Remmy...
  5. Dood, I don't know. Around a 100? +- 30, I'd say that is a safe bet. I told her to keep a log book once she started doing it a lot, but good luck getting a 12 year old to do paperwork. Heck I am super lazy about logging jumps, so I don't have a leg to stand on.
  6. Ok so this is a bit of a cross-post but since the RW forum has been a little dead lately, I thought I'd post up. To explain the subject, I've heard mumblings that some folks out there think this 14 year old (wonder-kid as Gary says) is being dragged around the tunnel, not really worth what little hype she has gotten. Well, Ellie (and the rest of us old farts) put up a 21.7 over at Bedford this year. I'm pretty stoked about it (mainly because I managed to keep up some of the time, but also because she is a bad-ass). I think the scores speak for themselves, but visual proof is nice too, so I thought I'd post up the video from the meets we attended last season. First, the Gauntlet in Eloy: (Thanks to Jason Peters for getting the video to me) and finally the Bodyflight Challenge in Bedford: I worked with the video they sent me from the meet, which did fully omit our round 6 and only have half of round 8 and was really choppy on round 3. I did manage to pirate a ground level view of round 6 from Kurt on skyleague. Enjoy!
  7. ...that I bragged about my kid. I've watched Ellie go from being a timid 11 year old terrified step foot on the net in Eloy to a confident 14 year old turning a 37 point round at the World Challenge. She has never ceased to amaze me with her style, grace and calmness. Her maturity in the tunnel is parallel to her maturity outside of the tunnel and through that she has taught me a lot about myself. So in return I decided to put together a clip that documents her evolution in the tunnel. It is not THE best stuff that she has done, but more clips that show where she was at a certain point in time. You can view that here: This (while it isn't much) is also a thank you to all of the people who have coached her through the years. You'll most likely see yourselves in the video. The owners, staff and management at Skyventure Colorado, Jason Russel, Bar-Brad, Derek V., Gary and Emma (!!), Steve Curtis and Jason Peters, Mick and Ray (her first instructor) are all of the ones that come immediately to mind (I know I've forgotten a lot, but I have been kicked in the head a few times). Thank you for being good coaches at that. Finally, since this is already sappy enough, this is a video of our meet in Bedford this year. That place is awesome! Thank you to John for flying for Emma while her back healed!
  8. But since his site doesn't have any copyright protection, I don't think any challenge photos will be showing up. There are a bunch from OTL though!
  9. I'm glad the kids survived!
  10. [hijack] When I was coaching the kids at skyventure colorado, they never got the names, only the letters and numbers. To this day, even turning a 21 point average, the wonder-teen still wouldn't know what a meeker is if I asked her, but she can tell you what an E is. Now that is good fun. [/hijack]
  11. pr0ject42


    That Aussie intermediate dive pool is weird.
  12. If you would stop wrecking yourself on your snowboard, more training with the teenager you would have I was going to actually wear a long sleeved t-shirt over my suit. As your hubby says, dress for success!
  13. I used to have to strap on 16 lbs of lead on one team that I trained with, now after becoming fat, I get to be the fast faller on the team and here is my take on it. Yeah, lugging weight around sucked. What sucks worse is when you have to carry that weight around all day and all night because it is sub-dermal. Yes, I understand bruising of the hips, the extra wingloading (which I actually liked) and just having to haul lead around is a pain in the butt, but if you want to have successful jumps everybody has to work together. The bigger people can have baggier suits, big ass booties and fly a little spread out, but if they are dropping out just trying to move, everyone on that jump with them is throwing their money away. There is no "us against them" when it comes to fall rate, if "we" want to jump together, we make the changes required to have a successful jump and last time I checked, besides the suit alterations, big people can't cut off weight before a jump, however those graced with a slim figure can slap on some lead to keep everyone together.
  14. We just got back last night. That tunnel is SICK! Big, quiet, creeping area, these are my a few of my favorite things. Samer, Kirk and Andy were extremely helpful in getting our time lined up and letting us fly the time we've paid for. The rest of the staff (mostly familiar faces) were all awesome. Thanks guys!
  15. pr0ject42


    What is your continuity? Mirrors or DSS? Most teams send the back half over on the hops and for the exit, always launch the b-slot so when the block is complete you roll straight into your A slot stuff, in theory to get your faster page in first. I say try both continuity plans out. Mirrors are fun and pretty easy, but DSS is less memory work for the front half. The key is to train the hell out of the B slot stuff if you are doing DSS.