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  1. grega

    Which helmet (fogging)?

    Hey all, I know we have numerous debates regarding which helmet is the best and it all comes down to which fits you best. Well I tried them all that I could, bonehead aero, phantom, cookie g3, kiss, i even tried to cram my head into medium skyhelmet. G3 doesn't fit, while bonehead aero and kiss fit perfectly and they both have similarly large visors, where my full face is visible, which Is kinda what I want. The helmet will be used mostly as an indoor skydiving helmet in an open wind tunnel with temperatures down to 0C, so fogging is my main concern. If you had any experience with fogging or not fogging with any of the two (bonehead aero or kiss) helmets, let me know, or just vote for the one that you think is better. Thanks :)
  2. grega

    Freefly Slovenija

    Contact us for more details.
  3. grega

    Swoop Vertical Speeds

    well i got my protrack beeping on several occasions under canopy (when in dive). which means i went more than 29m/s which is 104km/h or 65 mph. that's under radical 120 also loaded 1.75. It needs to be more than 180turn to make it beep though.
  4. grega

    270 Front Risers

    well if you don't have your 90s dialed in yet stick with them. i'm doing front riser 90s for about 500jumps with the same sized canopy and i'm not over with them by far... i don't know how many jumps you have doing this turns (how much you learned/experienced), but with my turns in no wind days i went around 200-250feets (gates are 3 feet high)and i know i can go further with the same turn. so why switching to something more dangerous and difficult if i have more to learn with this aproach i'm doing at the moment...
  5. YAHOOO !!! What's the price? for the jumps, event,... ? p.s.:say hi to everybody there. Is olav back yet?
  6. grega


    huh i never jump neither xaos or velocity. but keep in mind that the canopy is designed and constructed for a specific lineset. and changing the lineset between "so much" different canopies could be dangerous... but i don't know the differences between thos two, so i think you should speak about this with both manufacturers, Velocity and xaos...
  7. grega

    Head Down turning....

    Just turn with your head (look where you wanna turn) and the rest of the body will folow. Well at least that works for me in head up and head down.
  8. Hmm not really, sabre 2 is also newer design than velocity, but i don't think it's higher performing. Then again what does "higher performing" mean to you?