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  1. grega

    Which helmet (fogging)?

    Hey all, I know we have numerous debates regarding which helmet is the best and it all comes down to which fits you best. Well I tried them all that I could, bonehead aero, phantom, cookie g3, kiss, i even tried to cram my head into medium skyhelmet. G3 doesn't fit, while bonehead aero and kiss fit perfectly and they both have similarly large visors, where my full face is visible, which Is kinda what I want. The helmet will be used mostly as an indoor skydiving helmet in an open wind tunnel with temperatures down to 0C, so fogging is my main concern. If you had any experience with fogging or not fogging with any of the two (bonehead aero or kiss) helmets, let me know, or just vote for the one that you think is better. Thanks :) "George just lucky i guess!"
  2. grega

    Freefly Slovenija

    Contact us for more details.
  3. grega

    sitfly docking?

    I try to compensate with my legs. Another advice is, try to fly with your arm in front of you, like you'd be holding a grip. after you can fly straight in that position (compensanting with whatever you prefer, back, legs, other hand,...), try to move (forward, backwards, sideways, up, down,..) in the same position... When you master this, i think you'll have no problem "flying a dock" "George just lucky i guess!"
  4. grega

    Post your Hot Swoop Pic(s)

    hey i have also have a swooping picture
  5. grega

    4:3 vs 16:9

    thanks for all the info. I think i'll go with 16:9 for a while. And it's only freefly and swooping i'll be videoing. No 4-way, for which 4:3 format is prefered. "George just lucky i guess!"
  6. someone said that secondary riser covers are there in case your primary riser covers fail. Well it will maybe "hold" the risers a little better, but i think that's not why they are there. If your main riser cover will open, the scenario is pretty much the same if you have secondary riser covers or not. I think (not sure though, designers should answer that) that they are there so that there is less chance that you'll leave part of the riser exposed (not packed correctly under the main riser cover). Secondary riser covers "force" you to have the risers and toggles hidden from wind. Of course you have to pack correctly, otherwise it's even worse than without secondary riser covers. and another reason is design of the rig. Vector3 is a good example. if it hadn't have secondary risers covers, risers would be exposed a little even if packed neetly. So with secondary riser covers you can afford to have narower main riser covers, which alows for better/easier reserve deployment (or so i think) if your riser covers are still closed. But they are almost certanly not there for the case when your main riser covers fail. "George just lucky i guess!"
  7. grega

    4:3 vs 16:9

    does anyone use 16:9 video format (instead of standard 4:3) for skydiving. How does it work? Better, worse, cons, pros,... ? Any info apreciated, thanks "George just lucky i guess!"
  8. grega

    Warning Slovanians!!!!!!!

    Jupija you're just jealous, because he jumped that base spot before you did btw it's pronounced urosch (in slovenian uroš) "George just lucky i guess!"
  9. grega

    diamond 0.3 vs. black eye 0.25

    Hi I have a sony dcr pc-109 and way cool - black eye 0.25 lens. before that i used kenko 0.43, but i changed it to black eye 0.25 because of the size. although the quality (colors and sharpness) on kenko was way better. After 2 years with that setup i'm reconsidering improving quality a little. So i'm interested in how does royal lens - diamond 0.3 compare to the way cool - black eye 0.25 quality-wise ? i know it'll be narower field of view, which i'm more than willing to sacrifise if the quality on diamond 0.3 (colors) are better than on black eye 0.25. That is if anyone compared the two yet. "George just lucky i guess!"
  10. grega

    Swoop Vertical Speeds

    well i got my protrack beeping on several occasions under canopy (when in dive). which means i went more than 29m/s which is 104km/h or 65 mph. that's under radical 120 also loaded 1.75. It needs to be more than 180turn to make it beep though. "George just lucky i guess!"
  11. grega

    Forward drive in a sit

    Like you said it's hard to give an advice without seeing you (video). Apart from what most said, where are your arms. Sometimes ppl tend to have their armes too much behind, which sorta locks the upper body in somewhat crunched position. And no matter how hard you push your hips forward it'll go nowhere. you should have both palms in peripheral vision spine straight (think giraffe), legs spread as much as possible (so you can fly with all their surface not just feet and upper legs). to go forward you can: push your feet forward, and grab air with back side of your legs, push your hips forward, lean back with your back and head. but don't put arms behind more than when flyin straight. even when driving forward you should see your palms. To compensate for the speed loss (since you exposed more surface), straighten your legs a little or loosen up your arms (in shoulders). Hope that helps, but video really is a must for any constructive comment. "George just lucky i guess!"
  12. i on the other hand would encourage anyone to land downwind and sidewind, with any canopy (big lightly loaded, small high loaded...) Of course only when your upwind landings are really good, and not with strong wind on first try. Not to lenghten your swoop, but to avoid having the "tunnel vision thought" of: I always have to land upwind. And then one day you're low and you turn upwind only to meet the ground too early and break a bone or two While just continuing down wind would end up in just a longer swoop. A lot of swooping is done in your head (thinking) and this is one of the practices where you "free your mind" of one type of deathtrap.. sort of. "George just lucky i guess!"
  13. maybe try another practice, but be careful cause you'll be all over the place and change speeds considerably. Anyway the practice is: jump out (however you like), turn 90 degree to line of flight. then go to belly into somewhat tracking position, then dive steeper and steeper until you're past the "straight down, HD position" and you'll end up diving on your back. when diving/tracking on your back try to check that you're still perpendicual to the line of flight, since you are probably covering some nice horizontal distance. After that start diving again, this time on your back, dive steeper and steeper, until you end up diving/tracking on your belly again. Then dive steeper until you end up on your back again. and so on. Somewhere in between this swings is the sweet HD spot. Try to reduce the swinging as much as possible and find the sweet spot. When you think you found it, spread the legs and try to maintain that position (look at horizon, legs can't be spread too much, spine straight, don't fly with your arms, jadda jadda,...) And you also know how to move forwards and backward in HD after this practice (at least to some degree
  14. Hmm technicaly (i think ). When you do a full flight approach (before the dive) the change in angle of attack is less and theoretiacly acceleration is somewhat slower, than when you do a braked approach, where you drop faster (accelerate more) So in theory you'd probably have to start braked aproach a little higher. And it's also easier to dive the canopy more (for longer time) after a braked approach so i'd say you have to start braked approach a little higher than full speed approach. But that's only in theory, i'm not using neptune on swoops and it's hard to say if i'm starting braked approaches higher than at full flight approach. Just guessing really. Also note that experience is different, since at braked approach you have more time to decide when you'll start the dive (because of slower speed), and aren't under such "pressure" as with full speed aproach. "George just lucky i guess!"
  15. grega

    Norcal skydiving trip

    We plan similar trip in april? So which of those DZs has mostly freefly and party vibe? "George just lucky i guess!"