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  1. Just heard on Facebook that they will be flying jumpers Saturday, with or without power.
  2. I've been in two jump planes that conked out. Thankfully with enough altitude to bail both times. Beech 18 ran out of fuel Twin Bonanza lost one engine to mechanical failure.
  3. I used to work as a tech is an optical lab making lenses and was taught that the best way to clean them was to run them under the tap, gently rub dawn dish washing detergent on them with your fingers, rinse, and dry them with a cotton cloth that has not had fabric softener on it. Don't use paper towels or cleanex.
  4. so I jacked the keys to her fuckin car, crashed that piece of shit and stepped away. Rehab
  5. Just a matter of time until we can re enter without a craft. http://www.popsci.com/military-aviation-space/article/2007-06/high-dive
  6. Put a DC voltmeter on the battery. That will tell you if the battery is charged. If it is, start looking for a loose connection, bad motor or switch. Good luck.
  7. You're gonna be buying puppy chow in the 50 lb. bags. Good lookin pup!
  8. If you won't give the "secret recipe" on line. can you PM it to me?
  9. How much weight should be added to a tennis ball to match the terminal velocity of the average sitflier?
  10. Thanks guys, Sounds like I just need more practice.
  11. I can do that but I want to learn to take a dock right in front of me.
  12. What is the proper way to take a dock on someone's foot in front of you while sitflying? Do you compensate by putting the other arm farther behind you?