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  1. cannot say, but doubt it. If you have some other people that can get it later from the us presumably cheaper than your own country, then why not wait. But i would consider getting used 2 or 3. I bought a used gopro1 when 2 came up, but i was low on cash. Obviously the leap in image quality isn't as massive between 2, 3 and 3+.
  2. Trust me, little numbness or discomfort after few minutes of cold doesnt do any real damage. Just keep em warm (you can wear gloves inside too or use warm bottles, have helped me with minor frostbites). And get a warm pair of gloves for next time, number one accessory for winter jumps. I would rather wear nothing under my jumpsuit and real good gloves than no gloves and a lot of other clothing.
  3. Problem is often too wide an angle, no zoom (well, i think one shouldn't use that anyway, at least not while filming) and lack of LCD-screen or viewfinder and sound quality. Depends on what you'd be using it for, gopro without housing works great for close up ground action (you meant home porn, right?)
  4. seriously dude. I understand sampling without asking is ethiquette flaw, but having it taken back for it is way worse and plain bad behaviour by you. The other one didn't mean offense to you, but you did to her. Simple "I appreciate being asked before my food is being touched" should suffice. And to be honest, on a date I would just let it slide. Life is much more fun when you don't make a huge deal out of something so small.
  5. After reading the first post, I was gonna say you need a lot of practice. But in here it seems people will bite even into the most obvious ones. Not much entertainment value though that way.
  6. Havn't made comments for about 300 jumps, except logged the number of students I've taken to the sky. I don't really see a point in writing stories into logbook as I can't see myself reading these logbooks at later time anyway.. Maybe if there's something really different I might mention it, but I believe it's still for nothing.
  7. I like cake, I love it. I've eaten a lot of cake, and I can't help but wonder what else is good besides cake. For those of you that are versed in variety of foods, tell me what I'd like besides cake. Maybe search, or at least some specificity in my questions?
  8. I would suggest L&B Optima or solo as audible. Depending on wether or not you wish to have alarms under canopy. May or may not be useful to you. Very accurate and reliable, batteries last for a year or so. N3 or pro track if you want some freefall speeds or similar, but you'll get bored with that stuff quite soon anyway.. Analog altimeter wrist mounted would be my choise for primary alti. Many good brands around. Digital altis take too much time to read imo. Altitrack would work too and again you get some geek stuff with it.. And more batteries to change.
  9. Bridle length is an issue too. Never got a hesitation with ws modded mirage(longer briddle included), but with standard short bridle i've gotten a few.
  10. Wouldn't want to jump out a caravan that's still climbing.. And wouldn't.
  11. I was thinking this, but couldn't put it into words. I agree completely. [edit for typo]
  12. It sucks when ex's start to pile up at the dz. :D Depends on the person and how one can manage being in contact with one's ex often. Probably a bad idea if you work there.
  13. my personal limit is 30 mins a day. I've done 40min a few times, but the last 10min of the day is hard. Though, if it's spread throughout the day it's better. My first camp was 1,5 hours in 3 days, no complaints but was still sore afterwards. I think that's plenty for the first camp, I wouldn't do more. Just do another trip later You'll probably end up doing it anyway so don't take the fun out of it for no reason..
  14. You don't "master the turn" if you need "practice with gates", imo.
  15. Looks like you already know the answer. Get the Sabre 2. I don't think you can get anything with longer recovery arc with "non elliptical" designs. Flied great with 1.4-1.6 wl.