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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone. I just woke up, and my fingers are definitely feeling better. Although last night when I went to bed, over 30 hours after the jump I still had pretty intense pain in my joints. I already ordered a couple of pairs of gloves, it's not a mistake I will ever make again.
  2. So I made a rookie mistake of going jumping in the cold without gloves yesterday and nearly wasn't able to steer my parachute on the way down I was in so much pain. I later found out that it was -16 at altitude. It's gotten better, but it's been 24 hours and my finger joints are still in a lot of pain and my fingertips are really sensitive. Should I be going to a doctor or doing something specific? Or is this just a wait it out thing.. Appreciate any advice
  3. The DZ is here in Swakopmund, Namibia. As far as the tumble goes, that was intentional on my part. I knew that I wasn't correcting the spin and figured that if I tumbled maybe that would throw me out of the spin so to speak and I could correct that more easily. Unfortunately it wasn't the case. My previous jumps went reasonably well, other than my first turn test which was a bit of a precursor for this in retrospect. I was overly enthusiastic and ended up spinning myself and my instructor until the second instructor came in and stabilized us. When the instructor saw an opening he came in to stop my spin and thought that he had slowed me enough that I'd be ok when he let go, but I somehow had enough pent up spin in me that I went off like a top. Fortunately I had been and was very good with altitude awareness and I knew that I needed to pull my chute despite the fact that I was still spinning. Line twist when I opened wasn't too bad all things considered. I was nauseous as could be under canopy though. Debrief was basically that I needed to focus on my arch more. Previously I was focusing on my hands and legs which were a bit of a problem and I focused on those too much and forgot about having a good deep arch. After that test they told me to go up and do a fun relaxed jump to get back on the horse, and I was told that I could go through my graduation and ISP's and redo my spin test when I was comfortable. As it turned out, yesterday morning I did ISP 6 and was feeling great about everything and was able to grab a second rig right after I landed and pull a back to back and do my spin test solo, which I was able to do in both directions without a hitch. Surprisingly when I landed they had repacked my previous rig and said it was time for ISP 7 if I was ready, so I forgot my bathroom break and got back on the plane!
  4. I'm new on here, but I figured that sharing my spin test video might be educational or helpful, if not then it's certainly entertaining! This was my 11th jump and I didn't have great form and couldn't get out of my spin. Bad form actually made things worse and worse. My instructor was afraid of getting knocked out by my spinning limbs it was so bad. http://vimeo.com/68547955 I've since redone the test and I had no problem, 28 jumps done at the moment and after my written test I'll have my A-License tomorrow.