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  1. airdrop


    I'm still using my Argus in my wings. No issues. You can still get support from overseas and para concepts does the 4 yr.
  2. It appears the TI had his knees brought forward on exit with 0 arch. No attempt to fly his exit. I especially like how he continued to attempt to shoot video through the entire free fall. This will be a good video to show during any TI course of what can happen when you quit flying your exits.
  3. My guess is he would say it’s the students fault for not having her legs back.
  4. You interested in selling it? Send pics!
  5. Anybody know anyone wanting to get rid of any vintage 1970's jumpsuits or know where I can find one?
  6. That is a good idea. I just bought a zkulls 3n attachment system and I'm not sure about drilling a 2 in hole in my helmet. Plus it costed me 130 bucks so only paying 90 for a gold member would be lot better!
  7. Anyone know if a cx 110 with the SD card access located on the bottom next to battery will mount to a liquid flatlock and still have access to the SD slot without removing the camera from the mount?
  8. Just wondering if there was anyone out there other than para-gear. They tend to charge a lot in shipping and now have a minimal order amount which can make it difficult for that odd color you need. I live close by flight concepts so maybe Red would sell me some when I need it. Thanks!
  9. What about a good source for buying canopy material?
  10. I would try a pocket slider. I do them for around 50 bucks. Most jumpers prefer them over getting the large slider. Most of your canopy manufactures will say it's the way you pack them because they will not admit they have a bad PD with the Sabre 1.
  11. Looks good! I just got a singer 241-12 w/ a new motor for only $200. Like the old machines!
  12. Anyone know the best way to disassemble a singer 241-12 sewing machine? The manual doesn't show clearly how it's assembled. Got one the other day and it needs a good cleaning.
  13. airdrop


    I have an Argus in my Wings. I don't trust any AAD out there on the market. The cutter can fail or unit malfunction on any of them but having an AAD is better than not having one at all. Even if the cutter fails to do the job it was designed to do, I can still activate my reserve since the cutter is located at the bottom, where is should be located in my opinion. Forgive me if I'm wrong but in the short years Argus was around at least 35 confirmed saves!