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  1. I don't think they have cheeseburgers in Ethiopia. as a matter of fact... they DO!
  2. BPO

    Blackberries (fruit)

    bwhahaha.. same here.. even after quickly reading the entire post I was thinking "what the hell does a blackberry have to do with this..".. nice!
  3. BPO


    Sucks! Well.. maybe your g/f can use your rig and make back-to-back's?
  4. We ordered a laptop through the dell online shop. Arrived in two days, completely as ordered. Works great! YMMV :-)
  5. not too long ago I saw a program on BBC.. about extreme breastfeeding. In the showteaser they showed a SIX year old getting under mum's sweater to drink some milk. THE MENTAL IMAGE STILL HAUNTS ME!
  6. why wear a watch if you don't want to know what time it is? Just don't wear a watch.. See.. saved 10 bucks in the process
  7. BPO

    Man in Beans

    finally a test where I score above average! found him in one second... I'll go ask my boss for a major raise now!
  8. done & good luck with the new server!
  9. Very wise! Just thought I'd ask..
  10. should you start to wear some weights, you might want to re-consider jumping a 120ft2 canopy..
  11. If you're so content with your Diablo, then why don't buy another (used) ? There's a 135 in the classifieds here . And there are probably many more available second-hand.
  12. a landing while going 70 mph downwards with no viable way to flare is not landing, it's a crash. Always pull your handles!
  13. Sales are up! any chance of shipping it overseas?
  14. 1,20 euro per liter = 1.6USD per liter = 6,15USD per gallon. You Americans can't complain...
  15. In comparison with the cobalt the nitro reacts a bit slower to toggle & harnass input. That's what I meant with it.