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  1. BPO

    what gear 6'5"

    I don't think they have cheeseburgers in Ethiopia. as a matter of fact... they DO!
  2. BPO

    Blackberries (fruit)

    bwhahaha.. same here.. even after quickly reading the entire post I was thinking "what the hell does a blackberry have to do with this..".. nice!
  3. BPO


    Sucks! Well.. maybe your g/f can use your rig and make back-to-back's?
  4. BPO

    Don't Ever Buy a Dell

    We ordered a laptop through the dell online shop. Arrived in two days, completely as ordered. Works great! YMMV :-)
  5. BPO

    Too old for breast feeding?

    not too long ago I saw a program on BBC.. about extreme breastfeeding. In the showteaser they showed a SIX year old getting under mum's sweater to drink some milk. THE MENTAL IMAGE STILL HAUNTS ME!
  6. BPO

    minimalist watches

    why wear a watch if you don't want to know what time it is? Just don't wear a watch.. See.. saved 10 bucks in the process
  7. BPO

    Man in Beans

    finally a test where I score above average! found him in one second... I'll go ask my boss for a major raise now!
  8. BPO

    SkydivingMovies.com needs a new server

    done & good luck with the new server!
  9. BPO

    student with weights?

    Very wise! Just thought I'd ask..
  10. BPO

    student with weights?

    should you start to wear some weights, you might want to re-consider jumping a 120ft2 canopy..
  11. If you're so content with your Diablo, then why don't buy another (used) ? There's a 135 in the classifieds here . And there are probably many more available second-hand.
  12. BPO

    Avoiding a double mal??

    a landing while going 70 mph downwards with no viable way to flare is not landing, it's a crash. Always pull your handles!
  13. BPO

    I made a skydive t-shirt!

    Sales are up! any chance of shipping it overseas?
  14. BPO

    Gas/Petrol Prices. What are you paying?

    1,20 euro per liter = 1.6USD per liter = 6,15USD per gallon. You Americans can't complain...
  15. BPO

    Nitro(n) vs. Cobalt

    In comparison with the cobalt the nitro reacts a bit slower to toggle & harnass input. That's what I meant with it.