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    Ultra Performance Canopies & AAD

    Once I go below my 75 I don't turn my cypres on. The 64 and 67 are way too close to activation parameters for my liking. Rollout for me is around 500-450 feet. Above where it would shut off. Peak speeds in excess of 96mph vertical. To me a speed cypres is stacking the odds in my favor, however in this real it's more likely to hurt than help (IMO) Ian
  2. ianmdrennan

    VK slider

    I squeeze my rear risers together. That annoyance also went away when I switched to a RDS slider.
  3. ianmdrennan

    Full RDS for terminal jumps

    i take it full terminal all the time. I do get the occasional rogue opening though - so be cautious. Ian
  4. ianmdrennan

    Carving freestyle swoop pics

    Don't...seriously. Don't tattoo other skydivers on you. Never a good idea.
  5. ianmdrennan

    skydiving helmets in movies

    I noticed the Gath's in Cloud Atlas too. Made me smile. I believe though that Gath was originally a surfing helmet. Ian
  6. ianmdrennan

    Object Swooping...

    Yep no margin for error. Really good skills, riding a fine line.
  7. ianmdrennan

    Stolen Gear in Monroe,GA

    You mean from a cutaway, or actually removed from the rig while on the ground? Post something in The Farm facebook page to get that group looking out for it. Ian
  8. ianmdrennan

    Wing load and type of canopy for competition

    Whichever size and loading you can hit the gates most safely and consistently with. Ian
  9. ianmdrennan

    "B" Canopy course?

    I know Flight-1 courses cover the requirements. Not sure on other peoples curriculum Blues Ian
  10. ianmdrennan

    new distance rules

    I'd argue that we'd have gone significantly further (especially given the downwind) under the old rules. In order to provide an apples to apples comparison you'd need to include elevation, wind direction, and wind strength. Even then you wouldn't be factoring in the continued improvements of pilots (especially under new wings). Ian
  11. I was saddened to hear the news today. What a nice guy - I always really liked him. BSBD
  12. ianmdrennan

    broken RDS

    ouch. no, never seen that. Mind if I ask who manufactured the rds?
  13. ianmdrennan

    Are there plastic snaps on new Velocities?

    On the Competition Velocity, yes. I don't know if the regular ones now have them too
  14. ianmdrennan

    2012 USPA Nationals of Canopy Piloting

    Yes. It's quite early this year.
  15. ianmdrennan

    Abnormal Line Wear With RDS

    Check the rings. If there's a slight burr (might even be impossible to detect by touch) it'll chew through your lines in no time.
  16. ianmdrennan

    Pink Canopy Piloting Open 2011

    Wow - GO JT!!! 205 meters at almost sea level in very similar conditions to what we had in Colorado? Daymn....that's ballistic
  17. Gone, but not forgotten.
  18. Turn should be 'push button' - so, if you're changing your turn you need to be practicing (altitude permitting) the same turn over and over regardless of conditions. Put yourself in a place where you can safely do so, get references, see how it pans out, and then fix your pattern appropriately. Try to change 1 thing at a time in your setup. So, for example, first get the muscle memory, then work on the lateral accuracy (ie you're in line with the gate, but over/undershoot), then add in the last component. In the end, it's all practice, comfort, and trust in your preparation (even if the accuracy visuals are unusual due to conditions) The entire issue, as is usually the case, seems to be stemming from your pattern. You *should* have a student pattern if you've planned accurately. While the distance *over the ground* will be different in different conditions, the TIME spent on each leg should be the same if you have your pattern solid. Blues, Ian
  19. ianmdrennan

    2011 CP Event Master

    FLCPA Meet #1 Skydive Deland- January 29 FLCPA Meet #2 Skydive City Z-Hills - March 26 FLCPA Meet #3 Skydive Palatka - April 16 FLCPA Meet #4 Raeford Parachute Center - May 14 FLCPA Meet #5 Skydive The Farm - June 11
  20. ianmdrennan

    Is the Stiletto obsolete?

    Definitely not obsolete at all. It's all about personal preference. If it makes you happy, and meets your needs then have fun with it. Blues, Ian
  21. ianmdrennan

    electronic device for analyzing

    Might be able to do some stuff with a GPS and google maps. That said, there's no substitute for good video.
  22. ianmdrennan

    Crossfire 1 109 Flare

    Have you done a check, at altitude, to see how much slack you have in the brake lines before you start to deflect the tail?
  23. ianmdrennan

    2010 rule list

    Not yet - stay posted.
  24. Here's what I've been given. Ian