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  1. Gaffers tape!! Did mine and it works great. Won't come off on it's own and when you do want to take it off, it won't leave sticky residue like duct tape.
  2. Do you use large bands on you locking stows and double wrap them?
  3. I can open the document fine, but it opens as a "read only" file so I can't experiment with it. Any ideas?
  4. My opinion is if I die jumping from an airplane, then it is MY fault. No one has forced me to hurl myself out of an airplane at 14,000 ft. This is just my take on it. I have even sat down with my family and went over this with them and explained that if such unfortunate thing should happen, do not blame or try to sue anyone else for it. I jumped, I was not pushed. Now, concerning the AAD issue. I 100% agree that any one of the AAD's on the market can malfunction at anytime and in any way (fire prematurely, leave closing loop uncut, not fire at all, etc.) I am one of the unfortunate one's who chose to buy an argus, and while I whole heartedly believe there is a problem that needs to be addressed, I am still not 100% sure if a total ban was in order yet based on the findings concerning the steel ball. I'm not saying that it ISN'T warranted, I'm just not sure about it. However, I am not the expert on the matter and that is why I am more than willing to sit it out and wait for more results. Hopefully, it truly is about our safety and nothing else. At least that is what I tend to believe. By the way, the first part of this post is nothing more than a respectful disagreement concerning the fault thing. That subject is certainly a good thought for conversation.
  5. Once again, I say to you. Look back at all my posts on this issue and show me ONE sentence that insinuates I am pissed! I am asking questions to learn more about the issue. And I promise you it's not the money my friend. I could buy a hundred cypress's today if I so desired. I am just asking sensible questions to more enlighten myself on the issue. I see where you are a newly registered member here so maybe that explains why EVERY post you have made included at least one negative comment. Any helpful, civilized comments are still welcome from you but please stop being a smart ass about it. The one thing I've learned along life's way is being a smart ass WILL come back to bite you in the ass.
  6. Very good explanation! Thank you very much for explaining this in a kind manner (unlike this ftp guy). Also, I want to thank davelepka for a very good followup with a real life situation. These types of posts are what REALLY helps enlighten people on issues being talked about here on I happen to be one of those jumpers that has already explained to my family that if some unfortunate thing ever happens, and I get killed on a skydive, it is nobody's fault but my own. No matter what the cause was, no one forced me to jump: not the AAD manufacturer; not the H/C manufacturer; not the canopy manufacturers; not the altimeter manufacturers; NO ONE but me. But, with that said, I also make safety the utmost priority on EVERY single skydive. Thanks again.
  7. It DEFINITELY IS worth the $1000 for a last chance to save my life! That's EXACTLY why I paid $1000 for an AAD to begin with. It just so happened that I chose an argus instead of another brand. And it just so happens that argus has developed some issues that definitely has to be investigated. I am 100 percent in favor of that. Now, would you PLEASE look back over my posts and tell me where it looks like I am fighting this issue?? Just because I am asking questions to try to better enlighten myself of the situation does not mean I am fighting it. FYI I have NOT had my argus removed and I am NOT jumping it. As I said in my first post, I am just waiting it out for a little while to see if the problem is corrected BEFORE I make any drastic decision. I certainly welcome your input, but you do not have to be such a smart ass about the way you address someone.
  8. I'm somewhat confused here. If the argus is installed, and the ARGUS does't function properly in an emergency situation and shear the closing loop, then how would Sunpath be liable? For instance, let's look at two scenarios: 1. I jump with my argus activated. I have a collision in freefall and get knocked out. The argus fires at proper altitude but does not shear the loop totally. Result? I die. 2. I have my argus removed because sunpath issues an SB stating that I have to. I jump with NO AAD installed. I have a collision in freefall and get knocked out. Result? I die. Now, as far as I'm concerned, Sunpath is not liable in either of these scenarios. In the first scenario, I would think Aviacom is liable. In the second scenario, I see it as one of the possible unfortunate things that can happen in this sport, but it CERTAINLY isn't the fault of Sunpath.
  9. Actually I am due a reserve repack (sorry I didn't state this before) so I assume I am grounded as I have heard of no rigger who will repack with argus installed. But why can't it just be mandated that we can leave them installed but cannot jump with them turned on, at least until something more definite is decided?
  10. It's also silly to think that just because YOU own a cypress that makes it automatically the BEST. I sure hope that doesn't bite you in the a-- someday along life's way. Don't misunderstand. I certainly think ALL of the AAD's could possibly be high quality devices. Unfortunately, the one that I chose to buy has had some issues that warrants investigation, and I totally understand that. But a total ban so quick? I'm just still not sure about that one.
  11. I've been sitting back and waiting and hoping the issue would get resolved. I have a javelyn with an argus aad installed so I guess I am considered grounded unless it is removed, which it is not at this time. My first concern is this: It is awfully hard for ONE aad manufacturer to defend itself against virtually ALL harness/container manufacturers. That's just a simple fact. Also, it does SEEM that the H/C manufacturers just all jumped on board together. When it started, it continued like the dominoe effect. Now bear in mind, I am certainly not saying it was without validity, because I don't know. But I will say this: I am disappointed in Sunpath (my manufacturer of choice) for not taking a look more seriously at the latest findings concerning the steel ball FOD and sending SOMETHING out to it's customers telling us to hang loose for a few days as this is being investigated by US. At least give us some hope that the issue could possibly be resolved as a result of this finding. Especially since the cutter is located below the pc at the bottom of the pack tray, like Altico (who has already lifted the ban for this reason). But all they are saying is they are waiting on Aviacom. To me, the steel ball finding (if it's accurate) should at least warrant a second look by the H/C manufacturers. I also want to be clear here that if the argus truly does have flaws in the design that could result in failure during a lifesaving situation then I CERTAINLY don't want it as part of my equipment. But, I for one, am just not sure that the ban is totally warranted on all rigs. But, at the same time, I'm also not sure that it isn't. I certainly hope Javelyn is able to conclude that the argus is perfectly safe in their rigs. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  12. Here's my 2 cents worth. First of all, psycho packing should be called psycho bagging for this reason. The pack job is EXACTLY the same as a pro-pack. It's just that once you get it pro-packed, it is a simpler and much easier way of folding the canopy to get it in the bag. At least it is for me. When I first read about psycho bagging some 3 years ago I, of course, was very skeptical. Then I began investigating. I called George Galloway (one of the co-inventors of the psycho bagging method) at Precision Aerodynamics and talked to him extensively. I watched the video on their website over and over as I was practicing this packing method. So, no, I didn't just read about this one day and then go out and jump with it the next day. But what amazed me was just how easily and neatly I could prepare the canopy for bagging using this method. I spent many, many days and packed many, many times until I was confident that everything was correct. And remember, the canopy is still pro-packed, so the only thing to learn was the bagging procedure. At this point, I called George Galloway again just to assure myself. He gave me all the stats from the hundreds of thousands of jumps they have made using this method. When I hung up the phone I was totally convinced I was ready to jump with my canopy packed using this method except for one thing. I wanted to contact the manufacturer of my canopy and see what they had to say about it. I was jumping a Pilot, so I called Aerodyne and this is what they told me. They said that a neat psycho-pack was MUCH better than a sloppy pro-pack. They said that even though they don't necessarily recommend it for their canopies, there was nothing wrong with it and it would not damage the canopy in any way. They said that if I could get it neatly into the bag with this method then go for it. I went out the following weekend and jumped my first psycho-pack. It opened as good as any opening I have had with the pro-pack. That was three years ago and I have been psycho-packing (bagging) ever since, and enjoy jumping much more because I am no longer struggling to get the canopy in the bag. Also, I think my openings are more consistent simply because all my pack jobs are now neat. Now, please understand that I am in no way saying that psycho-packing is better than pro-packing. All I am saying is that it sure does work for me.
  13. Probably a stupid question, but, should Aviacom be liable for some type of refund for those who purchased their product in good faith?
  14. A little story about at least one of those manufacturers known as Aerodyne. I had a pilot 168 that I was really struggling with getting it in the bag with the S folds after pro-packing. I learned how to psycho pack and it was a piece of cake. But before actually jumping the packjob, I contacted Aerodyne and told them the story. They told me simply that a neat and controlled psycho pack was MUCH better than a sloppy and uncontrolled pro-pack. I have been psycho packing ever since and will continue to do so because it is so easy for me to make it neat. And not to mention much better openings than I was getting on my pro-pack jobs. Maybe it's not for everyone but it definitely works for me.
  15. Hey! I just found some 20 gauge (.032) wire in the craft department at Walmart. They had 20 gauge (.032) and 22 gauge (.025). The 22 gauge really looked small and flimsy to me so I got the 20 gauge. Looks like it might be perfect. We'll see.
  16. Is the number 1 string the top or the bottom?
  17. Actually, I do have some friends who play guitars. I'll try and get a piece of it and see how it does. If I have any luck I'll let you know. Man, you got fancy with that handle didn't you? It looks nice. Thanks for letting me know.
  18. Thanks to everyone for all the information. This is all very helpful. Please keep it coming.
  19. Thanks Ed, That would be great. If you find it please let me know.
  20. What is the best size wire for making a finger trapping tool from and where can it be purchased? It will be used for making closing loops, probably from the standard type IIa material. Thanks.
  21. Yea, you're right. Also, if you have a closing loop that hasn't been burned, and it is unraveled all the way up to the knot, then you don't have the option of making that closing loop longer. You would have to replace it with a new one. I think I will continue burning mine and just make sure the burned end is short enough to stay contained behind the grommet cover material.
  22. Now that's an idea. I think I have actually seen some with 2 knots but never gave it much thought as to why it had 2 knots. Thanks