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  1. Sounds like a fun project to dive into. My knowledge of wingsuit design is very limited (I only fly them ), but a friend of mine is doing his own tracksuits and wingsuits in his garage and then basejumping/flying them himself... with no actual aviation education. So for a motivated individual willing to learn, it is not impossible as some people try to make it look... Even more so doable if it's a student project not a commercial one, where I assume no one will actually fly the thing from the plane anyway. My friend website is here: You can find contact information there. He is usually very open to sharing knowledge, and as far as I know, he is right now building another suit, so maybe he can snap and share some photos from different stages of development. As for suit looking like Horten H O 229... I think Tonysuits made at some point a suit looking very similar to that (just arm wing - no or very small leg wing). Can't seem to find a photo of the suit anywhere online now, but from my memory it looked similar. It was not a mainstream product, but I remember that a guy flying it, made a very good score (speed wise) during one of wingsuit BASE competitions in Norway few years back. But probably there is a reason (or multiple of them) why the suit never got into mass production. But the idea has been tried already. Good luck! cheers
  2. I'm not sure how you would want to achieve writing 4k RAW on an SD card (with cards, that are currently on the market) ? I'm really curious how only 1080p RAW is gonna work with this. It looks like just 10bit prores already will require top of the line sd cards. Maybe multiplying sd card slots (and allowing a kind of raid-0 write mode) could work for higher data streams, but that would probably make this camera not so "pocket" I think, you miss the point of this product. It's not Scarlet competition/equivalent - Blackmagic Production Camera is: cheers, Bart
  3. Seems like Germany and Finland are spoiling Europe's statistics US: cheers, B.
  4. I'm not sure about that Samyang 8mm on 550D (sensor with 1.6 crop factor) gives around 167 degrees of view, which is just slightly less than in GoPro videos which so many people seem to love nowadays cheers, Bart
  5. This one : ? cheers, Bart
  6. Well, I totally disagree I don't want to be Alti2 defender (heck, they are still not providing NMU for Mac users), but in this case, (IMO) you guys put the blame on the wrong side. This issue should be solved in Paralog software. The problem is not, that there is no IRCOMM2k driver for 64bit Windows, it's the fact that it is needed at all. For me (as a former N2 owner) this ircomm driver, always looked like a kludge (especially considering the fact, that it is not maintained since year 2004, and the last code change in the driver code was made like 8 years ago - you can have a look at ircomm2k site), and it was just a matter of time (new Windows release) , when things will fall apart for windows Paralog users (remember, that NMU does not need any 3rd party software to operate correctly, so it's not impossible). I think you guys, should contact Klaus (author of Paralog) and ask him, what are the chances of getting ircomm2k-less communication with N2. Just my opinion cheers, Bart
  7. or c) it's not their responsibility to fix this problem. IRCOMM2k driver is not their product (so it's not Alti2 fault, there is no 64bit version of such). Paralog is also not Alti2 product, so they cannot change it so that it does not require additional IR->com driver (notice, that NMU can connect with no problems with N2). My guess is that since Paralog is written in Java, it does not have a direct access to IR hardware (N2), and hence has to use some weird driver "wrappers" (like ircomm), that show the device under faked COM port (which is easier to access from within Java code). cheers, Bart
  8. Don't know - haven't seen any zpx Pilot, so I don't know how big they pack. Best way to find out would probably be to borrow I5 and/or 150zpx and check it yourself (or even better with your local rigger). I'm not sure if the sizing chart on Aerodyne site: is still valid, as it looks to me, it was not updated, after they started offering canopies made of zpx fabric (you might want to ask Aerodyne about that). cheers, Bart
  9. Ofcourse the 'time window' will be different depending on AAD mode (student/expert/tandem). Then there is another question - what are the chances of jumper pulling silver in that small time frame, if he didn't do anything up untill that moment? cheers, Bart
  10. I'm not sure what kind and how much data you expect. For all I know, Argus has been on the market since 2006 (if I remember correctly), and to this day, there is no reported case, where it was a cause of a fatality (correct me if I'm wrong), and we have atleast dozen people who live thanks to this AAD (Aviacom on their page claims 24 saves, but last time their full page was online - with accident descriptions and stuff - it looked like almost half of them were two out situations, where AAD fired after/during main deployment - so not everyone may agree, that every of these activation was actually a "save" - everyone can judge for themselfs). I'm not defending Aviacom product/actions here. For sure, there are doubts about reliability of Argus cutters. Should we expect a good investigation / explaination and possible improvements in cutter from Aviacom side ? Absolutely. Should H/C manufacturers deny jumpers the use of device that still has better chance of saving them, then killing ? In my opinion - No. cheers, Bart
  11. Some H/C manufacturers seem to imply that by their Argus bans. They don't disallow using their rigs without an AAD, yet they banned Argus units, ergo, they seem to imply no AAD is better than Argus AAD (unless they think otherwise, and it's really just about covering their back in possible lawsuits). I don't feel jumping without an AAD is not safe, but jumping with one is safer in great majority of cases. cheers, Bart
  12. Ok, I should have been more specific - signing a waiver at DZ does not affect jumper safety in a negative way (atleast I haven't ever seen a waiver, obeying to would compromise jumper's safety - most of the time it's quite contrary). On the other hand, telling people, that jumping without an AAD is safer than jumping with Argus is something I can't agree with, since even though it's possible cutter problems, this device saved far more people than it killed. cheers, Bart
  13. Signing a waiver at DZ does not affect jumper safety in any way (unless we consider, that some people may hurt themselfs with DZ provided pen ), so I don't have anything against these. cheers, Bart
  14. Uhm... wouldn't a statement from manufacturer such as the one from Basik (in short - it's not our responsibility to check every AAD on the market; we can't guarantee any AAD will work fine in our container, and it's user decision about what AAD brand to put in their rig) cover H/C manufacturer from lawsuits such as in scenario 2 ? Anyway, considering that probability of jamming the loop (or premature reserve fire, if Argus fired unnoticed in previous jump and jammed the loop) is so much lower (at least current real world data indicate that), than having a no pull situation, I must say, that I seriously hope, that you are wrong and these bans are not a way for H/C manufacturers, to cover their asses. If it is, in my eyes such companies would loose much of my respect and trust, as it would show, that they are more concerned about avoiding court problems, than jumpers safety cheers, Bart
  15. Sorry to spoil your day, but Cypres worked fine in this video. Check this thread for more info on the cause of container lockup:;post=2101957;page=1;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25; cheers, Bart