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  1. Pakistan….. I've found a website from Pakistan ( Probably this one then. Thanks for the tips!
  2. Hi, does anybody know a manufacturer of skydiving gloves? I don't mean the dealers like skydive webshops but the place where they get their gloves. We want to sell our own gloves with our own embroidery, that's why I'm asking. It's hard to find the manufacturers online… :-(
  3. same thing here in Belgium... i have mine for a couple of weeks now and everybody is impressed here about the quality and design of the rig :-)
  4. Hi, does anyone has experience with this brand? I want to buy a Fire. Can we jump in Europe (Belgium) with this rig (TSO)? I see on the website that it is approved by Airtec. And Vigil? Is that possible?
  5. They should have attached a Go Pro on the plane, would have been great images hahaha
  6. Thanks Saskia ! This info helped me a lot !
  7. Hello, I'm planning on buying a Canon 550D. I've heard that this is an excellent still camera for skydiving. (stills + full HD video). I must admit that i know almost nothing of still cameras. There are 2 lenses that i think are suitable for this camera... - Sigma 15mm F2.8 EX DG Diag. Fisheye Canon - Samyang 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye Canon (waaaay cheaper -> about half of de Sigma lens ) All these numbers tell me little. Does anyone here have experience with these lenses? Are they a good choice? Which one would you guys buy? Or are there better options? Hope that some experts here can give me some answers. Thanks in advance guys !
  8. thanks guys for the fun !! this is wingsuitflying at his best
  9. Royal blue/White you're a team Oxygen fan!
  10. I agree.... i had 215 skydive jumps when i did my FFC. I did RW and basic freefly (sitfly and trying docks ) jumps in this 215 jumps. Only 1 trackingjump, and did this make me a bad student because of the lack of tracking jumps? I didn't think so. Jarno will probably confirm this. PS: OK ok a little coaching from my teammate Bavo will probably have helped a little bit too during this 215 jumps !
  11. Mine will be ready in 3 weeks... can't wait !
  12. slim_shady


    70 jumps on a Phantom2 and you're ready for a Venom/V4???? Who told you that??
  13. and i can't wait till my new PF Ghost3 arrives
  14. The Ghost 3 just WANTS to be backflown. It's made for backflying. It's easy to backfly, and has massive range. notice in this pic that everyone is folded up? Backfly speeds in the Ghost are not terribly different than belly flying... or this one.....