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  1. Yes! Rumicube and Mastermind are great two player games. Jaipur and Pandemic are also fun with just two people. I don't have a license for this.
  2. It's morning somewhere. Have a wonderful day! I'm gonna have a warm cup of coffee for Skydiverbry. Cheers! :) I don't have a license for this.
  3. I recognize every name in this thread, and all that were mentioned (and MANY that were not mentioned). I was on this site everyday for about 7 years after I first logged in. I looked back and read a lot of the older threads during that time. To understand the culture, people, and how it was growing and changing. I didn't get involved with you like I wanted to, but I miss it. So many of you are so amazing, wonderful, and beautiful people. With great humor and a fresh outlook on life. There is a lot of history in these threads and I'm happy that I feel like I have been a part of that. You have all had a great impact on my life. Thank You. People come and go. I'm glad you're still here. I'm still excited to read about your experiences. Much Love, Take Care. Jesse
  4. Good vibes your way.
  5. hehe :P I don't have a license for this.
  6. Much love VB. Take Care I don't have a license for this.
  7. Opendore

    Much Love

    I miss all of you. This is just a post for all that have been on Yes you :) Yes, we come and go. Although, you have contributed so much. I hate to see it be left to be another "sign of the time". It's nice to see a few are still here. BSBD Take Care I don't have a license for this.
  8. skydiving was such plastic sport to a lot of you... until now. She said, he said. STOP! Think. This is a real sport. It's a game and a joke to many of you. Even those of you with thousands of jumps. That saddens me a great deal. I care about skydiving and the skydiving community with every ounce of my life. It's clear that many of you do not. Yes... it's difficult, to see someone that you want to respect and learn from, do an absurd action. But the event did occur. Ask yourself: Do I want to love skydiving? or Do I want skydiving to love me? I don't have a license for this.
  9. Opendore

    Name the Bands

    Yeasayer I don't have a license for this.
  10. Thank you all for this informative thread. Take Care! I don't have a license for this.
  11. Indeed... I here you on the Florida aspect. We don't want to go through that again, for sure. I am trying to use this thread to follow the different stages of the election. I feel any and all input about the current state of the election would be fantastic. (I don't have a television available to me.) I don't have a license for this.
  12. I am looking for a general consensus of how various media organisations are presenting the election results. Feel free to discuss any news source that is reporting the election. ie. Who is winning and why? At the same time, it can be a thread about the way the media coverage impacts you, the voter. I don't have a license for this.