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  1. But if you leave it laying around unguarded, they'll certainly put a picture of their dick on your phone.
  2. I bet that space monkey was happy to get the hell out of Iran.
  3. Interesting. How do you capture a signature? Does the legal system accept these electronic documents as true and correct when a lawsuit gets filed? Since electronic documents are so easily altered, it seems there might be a reluctance to accept them in legal proceedings...
  4. America has 300 million population, and 35,000 active skydivers. So that's one out of every 8.600 people. How many people are employed at the U.N.?
  5. The odds of someone wanting to steal your paper log book is MUCH smaller than that of someone wanting to steal your digital phone. A paper log book that gets wet can be dried out, but a short-circuited memory card is usualliy unrecoverable.
  6. So they're trying to charge them rent for the grass that the parachutists land upon? That's friggin ridiculous...
  7. Heck, they're never more than 10 feet off the ground.
  8. What happens to your digital log book when your digital device gets stolen, or when it's dropped in the toilet destroying the memory card?
  9. No. Therefore, if a hard opening could leave you paralyzed, then you need to find some other sport which you can love as much as skydiving, but which won't carry the risk of ruining the rest of your life. Get a pilot's license and work towards becoming a jump pilot, or something like that.
  10. Bah, how successful was that? I believe the Army had a thing or two to do with that lack of success.
  11. Now you need a whole Silver Surfer superhero outfit.
  12. Welcome! Don't worry so much about having fixed goals at certain mileposts. Just go with the flow and you'll know when you're ready when the time comes.
  13. tunde


    So I was bored driving home from somewhere, and my mind was wandering... If a "speedometer" measures speed, then does an odometer measure ods? Does a tachometer measure tachs? How come the fuel gauge isn't a fuelometer? Just wondering...
  14. So THAT'S where all that spam comes from...
  15. How about we not allow the feelings of a few who wish to create an illusion of safety to override the rights of all.