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  1. Today is J's birthday!! He is at AOT and made his first birdman jump today with Jenn. What a great birthday present!!
  2. Ummm... if it's about $25 then sure! Unfortunately I guess that means I don't get to take my kitty home with me. That's great! Of course, you'll have several people mention that it's free at most dropzones. You know how skydivers are... FREE FREE FREE!!
  3. Thanks Martin, but my friends were unable to pick up my kitty cat. Do you know anyone going from the Dallas area to the boogie?? LOL See y'all next week!!
  4. I have a seriously HUGE favor to ask... We will be at the Cessna Boogie (I can't wait!) and should arrive in town on Thursday of next week. My kitty cat is in Dallas. We have some friends going to Belle Plaine, KS (just outside of Wichita) this coming weekend. Is there ANYONE who can meet them and cat-sit for us for a few days until we can get there?? We'll be happy to reimburse you for the gas you use going to meet them. I am flying out of KCI on Monday and want desperately to take my kitty home with me. It will make life very difficult if we can't find a way to get her to Kansas so she can fly home with me on Monday. Anybody?? Is there another cat lover out there who can help us out?? She's so easy and gentle and loving...
  5. I never saw this coming. I think it's about time, really.
  6. Man Flails at Jet Exit Door. A little scary, but the title caught my attention and I laughed.
  7. I'm really excited about this boogie and seeing the Mullins crew again!! I'll start the list: Jumpergirl Upndownshop We'll be there with Sun Path Javelin Odyssey demo rigs so come see the newest, latest, and greatest!! All of our rigs have PD Sabre 2 or Spectre canopies in them.
  8. I got mine on eBay a few years ago. Just keep checking there and eventually one will turn up.
  9. Sitting at home awaiting word about the battle of Gruenwald.
  10. I was on my way to work when I heard only a portion of the news. I thought there had been a natural disaster, like an earthquake or something, but I didn't know where. All I knew was the president was speaking and something bad had happened. When I got to work I asked the other girl in my office and she said she didn't know anything. We turned on the radio and found out about the first plane. Then our boss put a tv in our room and we all sat glued to the tv for the rest of the day. I've got goosebumps and a lump in my throat right now.
  11. I'm sorry to hear your grandma is in the hospital. hopefully it will only be a short stay. I'm sending warm hugs and lots of love to you and Grandma.
  12. I'm the last one to dock. Look where I dock. Woody is to my right and she is to my left. If you look at the beginning of the video, while on the ground, Clint goes past Nina and she sticks her tongue out then you see a guy (Harry?) and a girl. They are both on the jump. Who is she??????
  13. There is another girl on Mike's SCR jump, besides me (Jaime). Does anyone know who she is?