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  1. Hah Martin! We've got jet A in Abilene, bring that thing to Skydive Kstate!
  2. Call Jack Harrison at Falcon insurance Agency: 800-370-0557. Premiums have come down this year due to new competition he told me when we renewed. If anyone knows who the new player is please post.
  3. That is how we operate, coaches supervise students beyond their first hop n pop. May be a little off topic but each month I notice what seems like hundreds of A licenses issued listed in Parachutist. It seems to me many of these people (especially from small iad /sl dropzones) don't make it to the 100 or 200 jump number in which they can earn a coach or instructor rating. USPA is always pushing for dzs to work on student retention but given the nearly 600 A licenses listed in this month's Parachutist, I think this past season student retention overall was a non issue. USPA needs to do research on why sub 200 jumpers quit the sport hence reducing the pool of people who can earn instructional ratings. Perhaps research is a waste of time, basically other aspects of life: work, family, lack of money, competing activities, fear of an accident drives the exodus from the sport.
  4. -43 skyvans loads, 22 Cessna loads -1897.3 gallons of Jet-A used -120 registered jumpers -Over 1000 skydives made, no injuries, 1 cutaway -120 tandems -Completion of women's 6 way FS state record -Thank you to the volunteers, jumpers, vendor partners and the community of Abilene whom made this event a huge success!!
  5. We are in the 20 day window for the boogie and we can wait for the Skyvan and jumpers to arrive!! Remember for the most current info you can join our FB group: KSU Parachute Club's 50th Anniversary Celebration/Skyvan Boogie. We have plenty of slots for tandems also, sign them up at skydivekstate.com.
  6. Update on industry sponsors for the Boogie: -Sunrise Manufacturing -UPT -Aerodyne Research -Paragear -Jumper Sportswear -Gowear -Skydive Store Thank you for your support!
  7. Less than 60 days away and starting to get excited! Rumor has it there may be a skydiving wedding in the works!!
  8. I am pleased to announce that Sandy Grillet will be coming to the boogie to do some belly flying organizing all 3 days. He is being sponsored in part by UPT and KSUPC alumnus Ed Goff.
  9. Thanks Lee. Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones!! Expecting a nice turn out.
  10. Prizes and swag are starting to come in. Thank you Tony at Sunrise for your generous donation.
  11. Yep, my bad. Seems like no matter how may times you look things over you still can miss typos. skydivekstate.com
  12. In 2014 KSUPC is turning 50! Come join us in September in Abilene, Kansas as we celebrate our past while enjoying the moment with Skydive Spaceland's fast climbing Skyvan. We will have a reunion Banquet Friday Sept. 26th and a BBQ meal Saturday night. Keep up with event plans on Facebook by joining: KSU Parachute Club's 50th Anniversary Celebration/Skyvan Boogie or go to Skydivestate.com. See you in September!!
  13. At $130 an hour plan on losing money unless you have cheap fuel or $30 jump tickets or are only doing tandems.
  14. Come join us for our hop and pop extravaganza at Abilene, Kansas, Saturday April 20th(Weather date Sunday April 21st.) Be sure your reserve and USPA membership is in date. Nothing like making 5 or 15 jumps to get current. Who will be the jump hog this year? Don't forget the accuracy contest for novice, intermediate, and masters. Cheap jumps!! Come get your jump on!! Camping and post jump activities available at the "Boat Club", the place we used at the All Kansas Cessna Boogie last year.