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  1. Louis, good talking with you yesterday at Warrenton! Keep me posted!
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I hope Aerodyne cleans this up. My perfect canopy would be made of ZPX with a PD line set. The lines would be replaced ~800-1000 jumps, but what limits the life of a ZPX canopy? A good topic for another Forum discussion?!!
  3. Aerodyne claims that Pilot line sets *are* coated spectra. I love my Pilot, but the lines do not wear nearly as well as the coated spectra lines on my PD Spectre.
  4. James and everyone, Awesome boogie! See you next year. Steve
  5. John, Excellent references! At 20 some WS jumps (700 jumps total), I imagined that I might fly in the same ballpark next to bird-folks with 5-10 times more bird-flights in real wingsuits! Well, after 5 days of SOS big-ways, I exited forgetting my jumpsuit had morphed into a Tony-Into. Fell 1K below you, but I will never forget the sight of you warping past me, after I pitched, in your X-bird. Never believed those glide-ratio claims until then. Yes, I'm hooked, but will take my time. Sometime after making far more wingsuit jumps than I think necessary, I will meet you up there in an X-bird. Blue Skies!
  6. Hi, I'm also 62yo, and would load the Silhouette 210 @ 1.0. Jumped a 190 with less than 100 jumps. Now at 300 jumps, jump a Pilot-188 ZPX. It really feels like jumping a canopy larger than 200! Have not the foggiest why... ZPX does pack a size smaller too. Mine fits in a Wings W-13
  7. Leszek, Ok, my first post to forums...but, in this case, I really had to. Leszek, if you were the Aerodyne rep at the Halloween Boogie in West TN, well your ZPX point is not forgotten. Regardless, hats off to the company. I was jumping my new Wings rig, ordered to fit a Pilot-168ZP tight. Tight was explicit for future downsizing So my complaint was that it was a little difficult to get my Pilot-188 ZPX in the tray. Mind you, I'm a sloppy, less that 200 square packs, neophyte. So I really did not believe Leszek's claim that ZPX packs more than 1 size smaller (same canopy, ZPX vs. ZP). I've seen a lot more folks packing than I've packed, and the AR rep packed the Pilot 168-ZP into the dbag cleaner, neater than I ever stuffed the Pilot-188 ZPX. I got the honor of trying to close that Pilot-168ZP into the container. Ultimately, success, and no runs developed in the Wings, but I stand corrected---ZPX packs at least one size smaller----would have lost money to bet against a factor of 2.
  8. Yup, my helmet too: Here's the latest angle: rom Martin Powolska reply-to [email protected] to XXXXXX date Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 10:17 AM subject Payment and Shipping Arrangements - Helmet hide details 10:17 AM (10 hours ago) Reply Hi XXXXXXX, How are you doing? Thanks for the email, But i will still like to see some fotos. I'm willing to pay $175. Right now i'm out of town on business and won't be able to see the Helmet. You don't have worry about shipping, i'll handle that. Pls consider it sold to me and pls don't entertain other offers. This will be similar to a local pickup. As for payment, I will instruct my accountant to issue you a cheque of $2,865 (Drawn on a U.S. Bank) as i am not in the U.S. at the moment. Once you receive the cheque i will like you to deduct your payment of $175 and then you will have to wire the excess amount to my shipper via MoneyGram or Western union transfer the moment you receive the cheque so that the Shipper can immediately come for collection of the Helmet. Pls let me know if i can trust you in wiring the excess funds to my shipper immediately you receive the cheque, as you know it is not easy to trust people nowadays. Note: my shipper will be picking up some other Automobiles and Heavy Machineries for me in the U.S., including the Helmet i am buying from you, this is why his shipping fee is that much. This way you will be free from shipping hastles and stress, as my shipper will come over to your place for collection and shipping of the Helmet once he receives the funds. And if you are okay with this way of payment, pls mail me your full details (Name, address and phone numbers) so that payment can be sent to you. Hope to hear from you soon. Martin.