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  1. I'm trying to plan this out. $600 for plane tickets right now. Anyone on the east coast want to share a ride?
  2. I plan on driving from Connecticut to Sebastion for the boogie on the 26th. I'm looking for one or more people to come with me and share expenses and driving. Otherwise, if anyone already has a group going, I would like to join it. Send me a text at 860-398-4797.
  3. Anyone know the cheapest way to get from the airport in Orlando to the DZ? I'm flying in on Wednesday and need a ride.
  4. Oh my god, just laughed for about 10 minutes. Quotable...Hope you don't mind, but I'm adopting this...
  5. I want to thank you "Mrken" for your post and also the posts after it. This is the heart of what I was trying to get at. I say this with ultimate humility, but the previous posts seemed to have slightly negative conotations. I know this is probably because of the "gravity" (no pun) of the sport and the care that people show each other through experience. Advice gets "serious" quickly. And rightly so. This is one of the most dangerous activities known to man. And lessons ARE learned in blood. I guess my eagerness and love of the sport gets me thinking impatiently. Haste is not good in this sport and I can see that I will be constantly checking myself in that regard. However, my ego is ALWAYS out of the picture, and I welcome stern lessons as they get me to think the way that I should be... The reason I am thanking the posters is that they gave me actual things that I can work on instead of saying why there is a 200 jump requirement. I also thank the posters before them because they DID answer my question. And now I KNOW... 200 is the minimum for a reason. A time-tested one. But baser skill suggestions make my point. They are the things that need to be worked on regardless of jump numbers. So again, thank you.
  6. I understand the need to be aware and overall comfortable in the air and would definitely always take the advice of someone more experienced than I. However, the only point I was trying to make is that it seems like more should be taken into account than just jump numbers when considering a new skill. I feel that progression down any skill pipeline requires practice in other more basic skills. That combined with the fact that individuals will progress at different speeds in different areas leads to a lot of subjectivity. Lets take my theoretical 140 hop and pop example. If I were to make 140 hop and hops and only practice canopy skills, maybe then I would be ready to start trying advanced canopy maneuvers or maybe downsize. However, I would also pale in comparison to the person next to me that made 140 RW jumps. I guess what I am trying to say is that it seems that jump numbers are very hard to equate to experience in different skills in this sport as there are SO many of them! But I am still a newbie, and I suppose I will learn in time, whatever the case may be.
  7. I am very interested in demoing a wingsuit soon. I read that the minimum amount of jumps is 200. Here's my problem with the jump number requirement. I have 60 jumps right now. I could technically make 140 hop and pops in a row and have 200 jumps. I would be no more ready to demo than I am right now. Alternatively, I could make 40 tracking dives in a row, practicing body position, leg waveoffs and two-armed pulls and be much more ready at 100 jumps (half the requirement!) I would appreciate some opinions from experienced WS flyers. Thanks.
  8. Wish I could break the whole jump through a cloud rule and jump through a big fat cumulonimbus cloud. Probably get soaking wet.
  9. Ha, I'll put it on the list. 100 seems like a good number to do it too.
  10. I'm trying to create a bucket list of things to do at certain jump numbers. I currently have 57 jumps. For example #30 I first tried freeflying, #40 was first balloon jump, #50 was first tracking dive. I'm looking for a list of things to do for for my remaining decade jumps and then my centrury jumps. So far, still on the list is: "High Pull," "Mr. Bill," "Rubber Raft," "Wingsuit Rodeo," "Wingsuit (actual)," "Eating/Drinking in Freefall," "Hula Hoop," "Rear exit plane," "Big Way" So I'm looking for more to add to this list and possibly reccomendations for which jump it should be.