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  1. PD is blogging about the tryouts here...
  2. On Article
  3. Can you please critique the gripping in these videos?
  4. So, maybe this is why the OP said he sucks.
  5. And people wonder why Kirk does not post much here on
  6. My landlord just offered me a house on the beach in Daytona that he paid $1.3 million for. Not to own but to live in and "watch over it". He spends 2 weeks a year there. I have a corporate job in a big city that I am tired of. Anyone know any good jobs in Daytona? I know Deland is just 30 minutes away. I want to stay away from work at a DZ and be a weekend jumper. Thanks. Blue
  7. The really sad part is that we all know that they are doing this not for the sport but to get the "wow" factor and to be able to be "idolized". These are true Skygods that can not get enough of themselves. They have to be at every show to have a kid ask for their autograph. My GOD...that would make them be "so cool!" I remember the Golden Knight Tandem Team hired them (FlyBoyz) for training while they were in Yuma. The Boyz wanted $15,000 for 3 days, a private King Air to fly them there, and the best housing at the base. Yet, they did it practically for free, drove there, and stayed in bunks. Now the Golden Knights have the autograph and wow factor, but they can not get rich off of it.
  8. What happened to her? Will she compete again? Better yet, my sister wants to have her as a coach. Please message me.
  9. I thought they bought Sunpath because they moved to Raeford. Yet, I see V3 on all of their rigs. What happened?
  10. Now I will always see Skymama as her. Yet, I know that is not true.
  11. She speaks 7 different languages...
  12. They said it was probably unsurvivable. Makes you wonder how his belongings were found away from the wreckage.
  13. Looks like he needs to keep dancing to shed a few pounds.
  14. I did not read the article attached. I read the one on CNN and it said a small amount of money. And I agree I would be like, "Officer I found this ID but there was nothing else there like a thousand dollars or anything just this ID. "