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  1. Re: The dogs are often better visitors than the kids (although kids are welcome too, with the same conditions). I recently saw this sign... "Unattended children will be given a triple espresso and a puppy!"
  2. Trunk (Mark) at Hypoxic makes the "Hypoxic HYPEYE D PRO" which does EVERYTHING and the other model that is simply an indicater for half the price. They use the 'half-moon' port on the HC62. Check out GetHypoxic.com PS The skydiver who makes this product is an awesome dude...
  3. This is simple... Buy the one with the best BOOBIES!
  4. Didn't he marry his daughter? See... it's raising some pretty good questions already. It wasn't his daughter (that's gross). It was his under-age step-daughter, silly.
  5. dnhump

    Who to marry

    Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know each other. Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough. --Lynnette, age 8] Shell, Let's share It's the right thing...
  6. dnhump

    Who to marry

    But Nicky, You made the very first "entry" into my logbook... Now, just because of my name, it's too big a step... I think that's mean!
  7. Padu, I realize that the question is already answered... But if you gave him/her less than 150.00 and a nice dinner/dining with his wife then you cheated him. I ALWAYS pay my rigger more than twice what the 'going rate' is. If you are looking to pay your rigger the 'going rate', you might as well be fucking his wife. MY RIGGER will NEVER be paid the 'going rate'. I'll stiff the waiter at Mr. A's before I'll stiff my rigger! If you don't get it... well, someday you will... right in the ass! Give it up for your rigger or learn how that shit works yourself!!!!
  8. dnhump

    Who to marry

    Gosh, Nick... I would never try to change you
  9. Well, I'm not afraid of anything at our DZ... Everyone knows that my gun is the biggest and that I'm not afraid to go back to prison. All jumpers know that I believe in the ol' "Do unto others as they do to my twins" thing. So if that means I get to fuck some dude, well, sometimes I get horney, too.
  10. And when I'm out on business it isn't a ramen and fast food event either. Business breakfasts, lunches, dinners, etc are business events. Business means working to make a profit. This isn't what a BOD meeting is about. It isn't a business deal. It's an organizational meeting. $35 dollars a day will give anyone a good, healthy diet in a day without eating ramen or fast food. Guess I'll never be on the bored then, 'cause I LOVE ramen and fast food. Can't imagine going without it.
  11. Funny you mention Bonnie... As a matter of fact Bonnie and I were just talking about you last night... And, now I know the rig you're speaking of!
  12. Who's flyin' her? Red Infinity let's see... who flies a red Infinity... What size?
  13. Who's 'Broke'? Oh ya, the one who forgot to bring food... But this will help Broke... talk of food is 'just like food itself'. I'm sure Broke is practically full now. And I LOVE ginger... She's snappy!!
  14. Dont you just love it when the DZO says.. they are ALL fun jumps....uh.. no.. its not any fun whatsoever when I cant get on the airplane. What REALLLY ticks me off is to be on a load 2 hours out and then get bumped off the load so they can put another tandem in the air.. instead of the people who support the DZ year round. Short Term GREED can lead to a less than successfull business model when you dont have staff to take the friggin tandems up for you. OH MY, Do you jump at SDSD too?!
  15. I don't know, but I doubt they advocate giving up on food altogether. Cookie aisle in King Soopers, up high. Edited to add: I'd suggest buying two. I'm leaving for King Soopers now. I'm going to assume that mean two 'boxes' of ginger os not just two 'ginger os'. Better be good! I'm hungry