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  1. Did you ever sort out your coaching? The block time has recently gotten cheaper. Let me know what you are working on and I can connect you with the right denver coach.
  2. cpuck

    RV parking on DZ?

    I just returned from a trip to Skydive Twin Cities and they have the coolest permanent RV/camper site on the actual DZ. Are there any other DZ's that have setups like this?
  3. cpuck

    REfactor tactical

    Thought I’d share some funny shirts from a cool military owned company https://www.refactortactical.com/collections/apparel/products/pure-adrenaline
  4. Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas for snag proofing a gorpo mount on a G3? I know there is the 'roll mount' made by cookie, but I was hoping for some other ideas… Thanks in advance
  5. Great video! As far as removable sliders go, does anyone prefer one of another? I know there are about 4-5 different manufacturers that make them...
  6. Did anyone figure anything out with playback issues? Mine is super choppy. What settings are you guys using to keep the best quality while eliminating the choppy playback?
  7. Calm down there bud... He is sharing an experience. Something can be learned from every experience no matter how serious or not...
  8. The first guy swooping in that video was Brady Kane. One of the best and safest swoopers I have ever known. He died swooping two years ago. I miss him everyday. Be safe, this shit is no joke.
  9. I am moving to broadbeach on the gold coast near surfers paradise and I am having trouble finding the closest fun jumper friendly dropzone. Lemme know if anyone has any suggestions.
  10. cpuck

    which suit?

    Which one should I get. Newer flyer.
  11. I havent updated my jump numbers on my profile. I have adequate jump numbers for using a helmet and have been using a gopro for a little while and am ready for something a little more advanced
  12. What is the newest, smallest, highest quality video, camera helmet?Something more advanced than a gopro. I was thinking about cookie composites new setup with the TG-1. Give me some other ideas! Thanks for the help!