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  1. [email]thank for this debate, as an AFF jumper I'm appreciating reading the cons of trying to upgrade to quickly as a friend of mine thinks he will do. When we chat on gopro's buying gear exc I've leaned towards discussing it with my jump coach as heeding his/her advice. I'm glad I've taken that approach I can't wait until I get to bring my GoPro with me and have a certain sense of comfort doing so, but I'm not in a rush.. Right now just learning and enjoying the flight is pretty cool
  2. It was a rookie lack of rational on my behalf. My jump coaches have made jumping exceptionally fun, I knew better than to stiffen up and forget my form. I'm thankful I was able to end the skydive on my own. I look forward to time in the tunnel to learn safe practice. I hope few as few incidents as possible.
  3. Well came across this forum while drooling over gear I some day wish to have. Figure ill post my incident from last summer, it was a real pisser as I was on my AFF 4 jump. I had an hour earlier cleared my AFF 3 jump and was all giggles, I had enough cash for 2 jumps that day BTW. My coach and I are going through the motions quite well as he later explained to me until apparently I forgot I had legs attached to me, I went into what we both guessed was 15 -20 über fast spins. (Note) I'm now glad this happened because I learned I will NOT freak out in an "incident" situation as I (as I'm sure all) folks wondered prior to something going awry 6000' up Well I waved off before Coach came in and risked his own butt and I pulled on my own. Then the fun begin with my line twists! I quickly also learned that I DID in fact pay attention in AFF class! Spread the risers and kick like you're riding a bicycle! The rest of my jump was uneventful except when I came in hot and barrel rolled my butt to the ground while angrily yelling profanities to Coach for my previous lack of brain capacity through a radio he could not hear me through but he was was laughing hysterically in the distance as he rightfully should have! Long story short as I yearned for redemption I ran out of funding due to money issues at home, that was my last jump.... Since then I have saved and saved (lost and re saved) and now 6 months later I have a hand full of dough to throw at my AFF, hopefully pass and move onto my coached jumps ill be starting jumping again as soon as Colorado weather warms up and I get a tad of free time Best regards, hope everyone gets a good laugh from this one And btw I also was smart enough to buy myself some time indoors to keep my legs under control now