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  1. Zun from Soul Flyers is pretty big on that kind of flying, I'd be amazed if the FLB guys aren't into it as well. A lot of wingsuiting could do with taking a leaf out of FF's book and getting into those high energy, dynamic, tracing, carving type jumps. Great fun.
  2. the indy from SFly is a good suit to begin. And you can follow other suit with it.See this pitchure , the indy is in the back of the pitchure.The other suit are expert and Verso
  3. Join us to try Sfly wingsuit and or make some good jumps with us. see you there
  4. Thanks for your organisation scott.We had maked some goods jumps in Eloy. Some video Now we are on the road to Lodi !
  5. Pinguin's video Thank's at everybody for this competition.It was a cool weekend in a great place. We have to improve our fly for next year. See you in 2010! Big thank's to Zun and Julian for their advice in SFly flying!
  6. Teams 1. Fly Like Brick, The Netherlands & Spain Performers: Alejandro lopez & Jarno Cordia, Camera: Costyn van Dongen 2. Skyswoopers, Denmark Performers: Benny skovhede & Mette Christensen Camera: Bo Wienberg 3. Team TonySuits, USA & UK: Performers: Justin Shorb & Tony Suit (eh..Uragallo) Camera: unknown (Tristan?) 4. Les pingouins (FR) Performers and camera:we'll like to change in each round(possible?) Bertrand Pasquier, Michel Bonnard,Philippe Scheurer
  7. It's about 150 € without jump ticket. Jumps prices As announced, prices are : : § One to One (1 person + 1 Coach) : 48.40€ § 2 +1 coach : 37.15 € / person § 3 +1 coach : 33.40 € / person § 4 +1 coach : 31.60 € / person § 5 +1 coach : 30.40 € / person § Annual registration CERPS + association : 48€
  8. French pinguins will be there to discover this new world.
  9. 1. Zun 2. Sylvain 3. Airowpoint 4. Gert 5. Gadget 6. xnawakx 7. redfox 8. Patrick de Guillebon 9. Alain 10. HagenAngelic 11. Pierre (south africa) 12. piisfish 13. DesertDevil 14. Philippe Scheurer(during the week)
  10. There is a boogie on south of France. FREEFLY ANIMATIONS Fricks Atmonauti on October 8,9th and 10th. The coach of the center and can be Nicolas Arnaud the rest of the week. RW ANIMATION with the famous Polo Grisoni (ex VR8 France) all week long with organization of the challenge Fred Perrin VR3 October 15th and 16th opened to everything the levels . ticket for videoman is free for the challenge.We can find videoman for your team. WINGSUIT ANIMATION with Loic Jean Albert on October 8,9th and 10th. Try of the model acces and expert of S' Fly and coached jump with the system radio in fall. There will be also Jean Noel Itzein who will present and will make tried models them of the game Phoenix Fly and will also make coached jumps during all the boogie. There will be a twin otter and two pilatus. You buy only your ticket for animation(not for one to one). 16400 ft jump and 19700 ft jump on october 10 to 14 [email protected]
  11. Skydive Pujaut organize an free fly contest at the end of april(30/04 and 01/05). The cost of the video ticket is the half of normal price. If your team have'nt got videoman, we find one for you. The program is this one: 1° jump : Spock, 69, ½ Eagle. 2° jump : Contact, Double Carve, Miror 360°. 3° jump :jump of points. 4° jump : ½ Eagle, Miroir 360°, Head Up Carving 360°. 5° jump : 69, Chain, Double Carve. 6° jump : Chain, "staircase", Head Up carving 360°. Avignon/Pujaut is on the south of France, welcome to everybody.