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  1. Cable length is 500mm (19.7 inch).
  2. In the US: Kirk Smith at Para-Concepts in Ottawa, IL.Quote
  3. The devices are not shipped to the dealers in this configuration (= In Info Level 1). I will not go in explaining the differents processes before shipping, but the last things are: - Starting the device, - Looking at the startup sequence, - The "mode" of working (STANDARD) when the sequence is completed. Again, an "end-user" can end up in this configuration (Info Level 1) by going in the different "menus".
  4. The device is also working in this configuration. It's a "feature" for technical use.
  5. Hereunder is the full answer I gave to Chris. Your Argus displaying "STANDARD" is OK. The other is in a particular mode used for technical purpose (variometer and speed) and is in "Info Level 1" due to a manipulation in the different "menus" (playing around ?). Press the button rapidly twice : "Menu (click) - Info (click) - Jump (click)- Info Level (click)" and it should diplay " 1 ", wait for an arrow down, press the button once till " 0 " is displayed; press the button once when "Valdate", and afterwards "Confirm" is displayed. Let the scrolling of different messages, and after it has gone 3 times through the different messages (+/- 1 minute), the selected mode will than be displayed. What is that Aviacom "screwed again ?" ! I answered "personnaly". The particular display occurs when an "end-user" plays in the different "menus" of the device.
  6. 250 sq/ft http://www.ffp.asso.fr/IMG/pdf/Copie_de_compatibilite_materiel-_secours.pdf
  7. When this Unit was manufactured, it was fitted with "Black Argus" batteries. When Units come in for inspections, different data's are downloaded. One file showed a very long time of use between exchange of batteries. And the ultimate proof came by opening the batteries compartment for installing new batteries when we discovered those 2 "Black Argus" batteries.
  8. The unit that came in with a 3 year overdue batteries had logged 121 jumps.
  9. Send in PM. Webmaster contacted to solve the issue.
  10. I started a pre-military course in 1968, and a that time I was under 18, so both my parents had to accept officially (legalised signature) my registration. 1st week was ground-training, and 2nd week jump-week; in Belgium, that was (in those times), 3 balloon jumps, and 2 airplanes jumps (C-119 Flying Boxcar).
  11. Different brand of AAD's have different switch-on procedure. Did you read and understand the manual before use ? I suspect you didn't !