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  1. Cable length is 500mm (19.7 inch).
  2. In the US: Kirk Smith at Para-Concepts in Ottawa, IL.Quote
  3. The devices are not shipped to the dealers in this configuration (= In Info Level 1). I will not go in explaining the differents processes before shipping, but the last things are: - Starting the device, - Looking at the startup sequence, - The "mode" of working (STANDARD) when the sequence is completed. Again, an "end-user" can end up in this configuration (Info Level 1) by going in the different "menus".
  4. The device is also working in this configuration. It's a "feature" for technical use.
  5. Hereunder is the full answer I gave to Chris. Your Argus displaying "STANDARD" is OK. The other is in a particular mode used for technical purpose (variometer and speed) and is in "Info Level 1" due to a manipulation in the different "menus" (playing around ?). Press the button rapidly twice : "Menu (click) - Info (click) - Jump (click)- Info Level (click)" and it should diplay " 1 ", wait for an arrow down, press the button once till " 0 " is displayed; press the button once when "Valdate", and afterwards "Confirm" is displayed. Let the scrolling of different messages, and after it has gone 3 times through the different messages (+/- 1 minute), the selected mode will than be displayed. What is that Aviacom "screwed again ?" ! I answered "personnaly". The particular display occurs when an "end-user" plays in the different "menus" of the device.
  6. 250 sq/ft http://www.ffp.asso.fr/IMG/pdf/Copie_de_compatibilite_materiel-_secours.pdf
  7. When this Unit was manufactured, it was fitted with "Black Argus" batteries. When Units come in for inspections, different data's are downloaded. One file showed a very long time of use between exchange of batteries. And the ultimate proof came by opening the batteries compartment for installing new batteries when we discovered those 2 "Black Argus" batteries.
  8. The unit that came in with a 3 year overdue batteries had logged 121 jumps.
  9. Send in PM. Webmaster contacted to solve the issue.
  10. I started a pre-military course in 1968, and a that time I was under 18, so both my parents had to accept officially (legalised signature) my registration. 1st week was ground-training, and 2nd week jump-week; in Belgium, that was (in those times), 3 balloon jumps, and 2 airplanes jumps (C-119 Flying Boxcar).
  11. Different brand of AAD's have different switch-on procedure. Did you read and understand the manual before use ? I suspect you didn't !
  12. Should you be intersted, here is the website : www.argus-aad.com
  13. PM message has been send.
  14. For the moment there is one Service Center in Canada: Edmonton Skydiving Center - Contact name there is Al Christou. He received the training on the 4 year check-up begin December 2009.
  15. Well, everything will dêpend on what we are talking about ! "Required repairs" can be subject to different things and levels. For example: 1. If a "required repair" is caused by abnormal use (overthigtening of screws or connectors), it will be invoiced. 2. If a "required repair" is a result of experience gained (like a software improvement), it is free of charge. Willem DRIESSENS Logistic Manager
  16. From the Argus Installation Manual The 4 year check includes the following: Check of the electronics, the cutter, and the program Visual inspection of the overall state of AAD, the seals, and the connectors Replacement of batteries and filter (if necessary) Functional testing Fire/No Fire with a test probe. Collection of data in the Argus Application of control seal Test certification So, if necessary repairs are needed, they are NOT included; the customer (if we know his informations like Tel, e-mail), will be informed before the repairs along with an estimate of the cost(s). Willem DRIESSENS Logistic Manager
  17. Dear all, Please find herunder the Official Statement of Aviacom SA about the use of batteries in the Argus AAD. 1. Our batteries supplier confirms that NOT all CR123 and C123A are identical. 2. Our product was tested with the following brands of Lithium batteries: Duracell (DL123A), Energizer (123 and EL123AP), Panasonic (CR123A), Sanyo (CR123A) and Sony (CR123A also labelled CR17345). We found that these work the best. 3. Other brands have not been tested and therefore we do not recommand their use. Karel GOORTS AVIACOM SA Managing director
  18. The answer of the Manufacturer (Aviacom SA) is very clear ! I put it here for the 2nd time ! CR123A or mil equivalent (cfr specs TS120) For Aviacom SA Willem DRIESSENS Logistic Manager
  19. Please find herunder the answer of the General Director of AVIACOM SA, manufacturer of the Argus: CR123A of mil equivalent (cfr specs TS120) Hope this is helpfull. For AVIACOM SA Willem DRIESSENS Logistic Manager
  20. If it is writen "CR123A" in the manual from the producer, then use only CR123A.