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  1. dear lord, i wonder if this is gonna be an influx of wingsuiters coming down to byron and/or davis now with bill pulling that trigger..............
    gravity brings me down.........

  2. Sky_doggy


    Every fingertrap, bartack, and cut is a chance to screw up the line because fingertraps have a way of stretching as the line tightens, and bartacks have a way of shrinking the line as you ley them down. Even if you're only off by the slightest fraction of an inch, multiply that by 250 and have a pretty fucked up line set.

    I send my canopy in to PD. I have yet to have a line related problem and I'm on my 4th lineset on my Velo with 400-500 jump in between changes. It's less than a buck-a-jump, and that includes an inspection and factory repairs on any problems they find.


    I have watched all of the PD video's on line types and I am slightly smarter on this topic than I used to be. As I understand it, high performance and /or highly loaded canopies have little margin for error, LeBlanc talks about less than 1/4".

    For stuff that I fly my guess is that I could mess it up a bit and it would be fine, although if I assign a value to my time to make a line set then paying the professionals $300 would be cheaper every time. :)
    For me, if I was ever to do this it would be to learn something new and I guess its hard to assign a value to knowledge.

    As a general question, if I wanted to how to make finger traps, is this 6 pack or beer and couple of hours with a rigger, or is there other sources of documentation?



    also youtube. its super easy to fingertrap. i made my own tool and fingertrap lots of shit for BASE, ie closing loops, tailgates etc.

    this whole discussion has me OBSESSED with taking this on as a test project. i am going to work directly with my rigger and make a lineset from scratch and see how well i do........
    gravity brings me down.........

  3. the reason for using my RSL is just numbers:

    there are more people that have died from not having an RSL hooked up and pounding in, than there are pounding in directly because of having an RSL and issues that arose from it.
    gravity brings me down.........

  4. BigMikeH77

    Mumford and Sons. I hate the whole neo-folk movement.

    right there with ya. i cant STAND the way that guys whiny ass voice sounds, it pisses me off.

    i cant stand bob dylans voice or music either (i know call me unamerican), its cause i dont appreciate good poetry, some people just dont.

    i also HATE kings of leon, that dudes voice drives me up the wall.

    and any POST danzig misfits line up sucks balls as well, with the exception of when michael graves sang
    gravity brings me down.........

  5. GooniesKid


    typical douch bag comment... Just answer his question .If not shut the fuck up

    Typical freeflyer response...and attitude

    can u define "typical" freeflyer attitude?

    seriously man, the shit that you vomit out of your mouth on these forums is more juvenile than an 8 year old. i cant recall EVER seeing you post something that could be considered helpful to anyone on this forum. you should probably get the fuck off the couch and maybe go make a few skydives some day, but i dont know you - maybe youre too fat from all the type type on the keyboard
    gravity brings me down.........

  6. DivingWombat


    I am currently ordering a new rig and will be flying a Katana120 or a XFire119. I am ordering low drag risers with louie loops but have no idea what the ultimate riser length is? Any help would be appreciated thanx:) :)


    read your post again and ask yourself if you would give advice to such a post?!??

    fill out your profile, otherwise many think you are a fu... TROLL!

    low drag riser on a 120...LMFAO!

    i dont get why this is so funny that you are "LMFAO". what if the guy has an exit weight of 265?
    gravity brings me down.........

  7. i had a scary experience once, we were huffing nitrous oxide with whippits on the way up, i took a HUGE punch balloon, sucked the fuckin thing down and exited. i LITERALLY passed out during the freefall. came to and was down to just past 5k...... dumped my main and called it cool.

    fun as shit, but a bit of a reality check
    gravity brings me down.........

  8. Quote

    Thanks for the replies. I knew there had to be some reason the USPA took action. I would not argue the rules, but at the same time, I still think 200 jumps is a lot. It also depends on the person. Recently I was fun jumping with a coach and he had some trouble with his GoPro. He could not get it to turn on so he asked me to look at it to make sure it was on. I tried twice to get it working before we both decided it wasn't worth the time or distraction. We simply jumped without video. No biggy.

    dont even come at me asking about your stupid red light or whether or not your camera is working. if theres one thing that bugs the shit out of me, its when people start barking at me. before EVERY single skydive, i close my eyes, visualize, focus and breathe and go over the exit in my head. when i have someone tap my shoulder during my zen time, it pisses me off and i just ignore them.

    when i am wearing a camera, i have faith that when i push the power button, it comes on, and when i push the record button, it records. if not, fuck it, oh well, but im sure as hell not gonna bug anyone about it.
    gravity brings me down.........

  9. Quote


    So I'm planning on doing my tandem jump at the start of june (school's keeping me busy before then) and provided I don't have some sort of horrific life-scarring trauma during the jump I want to start training for a license.

    -A helpless whuffo (as the term seems to be here)

    bro, have you considered that skydiving is expensive? You mentioned you're in school but are you lined up for a job after school? or do you intend mom and dad to front the money? just asking cuz if you decide to go full bore with skydiving it will suck away your money

    what kind of a jackass response is this? is it any of your business what this guy does for money? for all you know he grows and sells large amounts of weed on the side and makes quadruple your income, and what if his parents are dead, then how would you feel posting something so rediculous?
    gravity brings me down.........

  10. riggers/gear loving people,
    wonder if anyone has ever:

    a. attached a snap button the the tab and to the slider itself to keep the tabs snapped in place and ensure the slider is NOT collapsed during packing/deployment (not sure if adding metal to this portion of your canopy would be good or extremely bad)

    b. sewed a strip of velcro to each tab and onto the slider.

    i wonder if either of the above would cause unneccesary wear on the slider fabric or anywhere else............
    gravity brings me down.........

  11. if a giant belly is the issue, maybe get a rigger to cut a huge hole in the front of your wingsuit, so that your gut hangs out and is exposed to the world!!!!! i would come pet it just to give you props
    gravity brings me down.........

  12. Quote


    container was a bit of a tight fit & the leg straps too tight on the first jump of the day.

    A container that doesn't fit right is trouble waiting to happen. See if the DZ has a container that fits you better. When you buy gear, don't get a container that "almost" fits just because the price is good.

    fuck man, i had bought an old talon container, and the guy said it would fit 6'2" which was a load of shit........regardless i jumped it for about 60 or so jumps, and the leg straps would BARELY tighten at all, let alone tuck into the pockets. sometimes on opening, i would start spiraling to the right or left because of this issue, and of course the one time my wingsuit arm zippers decided to get stuck, i opened up into a spiral that worsened by each rotation. i ALMOST cutaway and then was able to unzip my wingsuit and unstow, and it fixed the problem. i sold the rig a few days later and got something that fit. it wasnt worth the potential shitstorm i was putting myself in
    gravity brings me down.........

  13. do you agree that engineers are a born breed?

    ive always been good at algebra and decent with natural mechanical aptitude, and i have 36 months of free university education coming at me with my gi bill soon.........but im not sure if a degree in some type of engineering is something im made for...........i did good in all my coast guard electrical theory/ DC and digital circuit classes though.........

    thoughts? i REALLY dont want to waste my education, and i want to use it to hopefully get a secure career where i can make a few bucks, nothing spectacular
    gravity brings me down.........

  14. this does not apply to a G3, but for my bonehead Revolve, i bought a generic companies cutaway kit, and its perfect and tested perfect at home (without a real snag situation)

    when i get home sunday ill post some pics of it, as well as what the company name is. it works on a broad variety of helmets, though im not sure if G3 is one because ive never tried one on or seen its chinstrap routing.

    now that i bought it and saw how it works, it would be real easy to rig something up yourself with a cotter pin, a spring, and some other various knick-knacks and scallywhops
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  15. this entire conversation makes me want to watch the movie flight. then get fuckin WASTED, bang a stewardess, and sniff a gram right off her asscrack!
    gravity brings me down.........

  16. Quote





    I'm 18, full time high school student making around 13k a year, 10k after taxes........

    Umm? Do you play poker? :)

    Haha no, I have a part time job at a loading/unloading dock, I suck at poker.

    All the better, we can teach you...

    Haha I've always wondered, since I'm 18 and can't buy beer yet, how do I pay my debts to other skydivers if I can't buy beer? Do I just give them the money and watch them drink while I sit there? I've always wondered this.

    c'mon kid, thats a NO-brainer
    get yourself a fake ID!!!!!!!
    gravity brings me down.........

  17. i do not have a percentage number, however i can tell you- i spend alot of my income (un)wisely..??..?

    i am a financially irresponsible idiot. i have 70k in debt to car/student loans (since i choose to make no more than minimum payments), my credit is ruined, but i have about 10k invested in sky/BASE/ground launching gear, and am pretty f#$@in happy with my life.

    i have also recently moved out of my apartment, and on to a friends couch, for 150 bucks a month, in the name of gear and now cranking up my jump numbers. i am 34 years old. if i wanted to pack part time i could definitely do it, but i hate packing, so ive chosen the couchsurfing route. if you need it, you will make it happen.

    its all about what your life priorities are
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  18. Quote

    You dont need nasty spins and cutaways to deal with big suits. You need flying skills, and you dont get those by spending money on nylon. You get those by spending money on jumps.

    point well taken.
    gravity brings me down.........

  19. Quote






    Irrelevant... I'll never jump there.

    Ever jump at Perris?

    No. Why? They've got an excellent reputation.


    You guys are referring to the '92 crash? No one was using seatbelts back then. The FAA changed that after that horrible crash. For over twenty years, every conscientious DZO has enforced their use. Lodi's hasn't... The Perris crash was caused by using a backup fuel truck, following a quake the previous evening. The fuel's not having been run through a filter got past them. That was an extremely unfortunate oversight. It was NOT a systemic, flagrant disregard for safety & maintenance procedures. I'd jump @ Perris w/o hesitation. NFW I'd ever get in a plane @Lodi. They've a history of willfully endangering their customer's lives to increase profits... Even if I were willing to accept their word that they're actually maintaining the planes, now? They still endangered Jumpers who had put their trust in that DZ. That's inexcusable conduct.

    You do what you want.

    weird. the major airlines have a NASTY history of doing just that: cutting costs and slacking on maintenance to save money.

    are you saying you NEVER get in a commercial airline and take a flight?

    in any case i could care less. i like lodi prices, i just prefer the people at a more local SF dropzone alot more than lodi or id jump there all the time.
    gravity brings me down.........