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  1. ScottyBob

    I dont understand why any beginner wingsuiter interested in possibly wingsuit base jumping would buy a suit that doesnt have punch out sleeves. Ive personally witnessed them save people from serious injury or death. Why phoenix fly hasnt put them on the phantom i dont know...but i wont recomend a suit without em. And yes, im a squirrel team pilot...see you in the mountains ;)

    i suppose so that i can learn to fly the FUCK out of my P3 in my sleep in the skydive environment before i then upsize slightly to something a tad bigger and with punch out sleeves to start getting ready for the mountains???
    yup. that is my reason!
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  2. at the end of the day, youre an amateur tracker and horrible wingsuit pilot at BEST, so i say give up.

    go outtrack via ferratta, then ill give you respect.....

    oh wait.......
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  3. i personally cant bring myself to do business with phoenix fly any longer. they make excellent products, and i do understand how many orders they are getting and that they are completely overwhelmed, but my P3 came without snap buttons, and several of my friends have had issues with wrong sizing on their suits, off colors, and missing components. its not a huge deal, but when im spending over a thousand dollars on a product i expect it to be proper. it just seems to be a pattern. im not bashing on phoenix fly, just stating mine and my friends experiences have been negative.

    ill fly either tony suits or squirells when i am ready to upsize
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  4. jesus walks into a cheap motel, sets a couple of nails down on the counter and says, "will you put me up for the night??"
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  5. my curv is hands down the best rig ive ever flown. ive had wings javelin and a talon. comfort level is absolutely amazing, and visually its quite a stunning rig. im keeping mine for my entire skydiving career............no issues with the reserve flap for me.

    i got a military discount on mine, and it is simply a SEXY ass rig
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  6. well id say this thread definitely helped me out in alot of ways. here i am talking about jump numbers, and worrying about bigger suits, etc etc, i need to slow the FUCK down with that train of thought..........
    thanks for everyones inputs, ive got alot of work to do with my P3 for a while and ill worry about WS BASE and biggers suits later.

    first things first, ive got to spend every last penny from now on instead of saving for separating from the military at the end of the year, on WS skydiving!!!!!!!!
    if i become a bum, at least ill have a SICK array of awesome gear and i can always live out of my car!
    thanks jarno and everyone else for the .02
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  7. ok heres one, i tried to see if anyone had asked but search didnt help, nor did a google search...

    whats the best way to get myself unstable and preferably tumbling in my P3?

    i want to start getting myself into highly unstable situations so that i can practice trying to regain stability without closing my leg wings, as in bigger suits you wont have that option. what ive heard is that going headdown and getting into a superfast dive to get out of your tumbling is the best way. correct? any advice?

    i was thinking maybe i could just forcefully raise one leg and lower the other in hopes of getting into a spin/tumble
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  8. my moms rates are steep, but your mouth is cheap buddy! and i refuse to follow the white rabbit!!!
    not gonna see you until the first weekend in april but lets put on the tracksuits and get wild. i got my sumo and cant wait to fly it
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  9. ive got about 50 on my P3 right now and loving it, would you say that after i hit the 100 or more mark on my P3 that i would be able to try out something like an R or S-bird? all the flying i do is fast and steep, and im not interested in the flock skydiving thing, im trying to learn speed and distance for the BASe environment.
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  10. theplummeter

    ***hey guys, so i know this isnt the "speedwing forum" so try to bare with me but, could someone offer up a general explanation of how speedwing sizing works and what their *roughly* equivalent sizes and flight characteristics would be for a skydiving canopy?

    for pure example, take the Ozone fazer II, its a leading edge elliptical wing, would that have similar flight characteristics to a high performance fully elliptical non X braced canopy? maybe similar to a katana or Xfire2?
    the most common sizes i've seen are 10, 12, and 14m, is that roughly translatable to 99, 119, and 135sqft?

    thanks guys, just starting to dabble in the market for one of these guys and trying to set my bearings

    The Katana and Crossfire both dive considerably more than any speedwing will. Most speedwings have a very flat trim and little reinforcement other than in the nose to save weight. Most also have multiple cells, and tiny lines with or without sheathing.

    I inherited a Gin Bobcat 16.5 last year and am still getting used to it, but I think it's one of the easiest speedwings to learn on. The design and riser system share common points with mini paragliding wings and speedwings, so it functions in a number of different scenarios. In higher winds it's easy to ridge soar when the big paragliders can't, and in lower winds it's great for proximity flying on shallow runs while retaining better glide than smaller more aggressive designs so I can chase my friends on smaller wings from slightly above and watch the mayhem.

    Skydiving canopies are great, and I'm trying to learn all I can jumping but speedflying is a whole new set of possibilities with some amazing equipment that really puts into perspective how much we sacrifice in performance for openings.

    agreed, but you would be AMAZED at the glide range of the mirage. with trimmers on its nice and flat and even loading mine the way i do, i get pretty sickening glide ratio. take the trimmers off, and its a ground hungry beast that flies fuckin FAST.
    i dont really have a base for comparison because all i have flown have been swing spitfires and mirages, but the range on the mirage again is unbeatable........
    to the OP, like stated above, soboba has lots of wings for demo, get the best feel and go from there. have fun, be safe, and DONT hold your toggles down for an extended period of time or ever touch your risers. harness input is all you need for slow or sharp turns, toggles should be saved for gaining lift if ever needed. fly safe!
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  11. has anyone gotten theirs yet? im dying to know how it compares to tube3 and PTS.
    mine is scheduled to be complete next week with roughly a week of lead time for shipping so i can post some info and vids towards the end of the month.
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  12. only issue i had was missing two snap buttons on my P3, which i fixed myself by going to home depot to buy a snap fastener kit. easy money. they are pretty overwhelmed with how popular wingsuiting is getting, and im sure theyre doing their best
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  13. well not that im any better than any noob or person with my jump numbers, but ive had two reserve rides with standups on this reserve. and i think that it helps that i routinely jump a seven cell, into nasty little landing areas the size of a small trail with lots of obstacles in my way. though thats with a 305, not a 126.

    and for the record, im NOT gonna pull a Sangi. i sure hope hes doing better and is trying to make the best of the hand hes been delt.

    everyone that knows me knows my wingloading, and reminds me that its not when everything goes right that youre gonna have a fucked landing on your reserve, its when it all goes wrong, which it does. at the end of the day its my choice.

    someone brought up a very good point via PM in regards to my original question, so please forgive my drunken rant yesterday. as long as were all having fun who gives a fuck.
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  14. No monkey, asking a specific question and then getting mobbed on is not on topic. If you want to bring up safety when when someone asks a direct qestion, do it in a seperate topic in the safety forum. And
    I dont play here unless i have a rigging or wingsuit question 99 out of 100 times. ;)
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  15. this is what ive been pondering for a while, and im not trying to start shit, but seriously this is all i have noticed about this whack assed forum.

    why is it, that these moderators, ISNTANTLY delete any wise ass comment that i throw into random forums that i understand is off topic?, i do it just because im a sarcastic skydiver (that everyone loves),
    but when an OP asks an honest question about wingloading, downsizing, or getting a bigger wingsuit, and the community gets off the topic and starts attacking said OP about "you shouldnt do this or that with your jump numbers" and going completely off the post topic, the moderators dont do shit but let everyone argue..........
    this is a serious question, and if youre gonna ban me for it, then goodbye and blue skies. ill go skydiving
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  16. DSE

    Follow the recommended progression, get into an Aura if your goal is to just fly flat, dumb, happy.

    could you elaborate spot? im not sure at what youre getting at. can an aura not be flown super fast and super steep and agile like say a vampire?
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