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  1. my 11.5 square meter mirage is approximately 120 square feet. smallest canopy ive ever flown.

    just do a google search for conversion.

    keep in mind that speedwings, even when compared to a skydiving canopy the same size, are different. a speedwing is a high performance wing that doesnt have to be toned down because of high speed deployments like a sky canopy does. they are solid, but can be prone to collapses in a half second. definitely a different beast but a beautiful one at that.
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  2. i actually got rid of my safire2 129 after about 10 severe line twists and finally a cutaway, all WS deployments. i was loading my safire at 1.65

    i now have a pilot 132, and i know thats its virtually the same size, but a safire2 is significantly more elliptical than the pilot. ive had nothing but BUTTERY ass, slow openings with my pilot and zero problems, and it still performs similar.......

    its just a matter of how good your deployments are, but sometimes shit just happens with wingsuits.
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  3. baronn

    Knew most of this was true but, after watching Blackfish, had it confirmed. The incomprehensible cruelty that is inflicted upon these sentient beings is absolutely unacceptable. As if that wasn't enuff, the "Trainers" (I use that term loosely) are deceived and misled and then exposed to justifiably Pissed off animals that are fed up and mad. Who can blame them? ANYBODY did half that BS to my family there wouldn't be a hole on this planet too far to hide in. And for what? A buck. Do NOT support this self-serving, inhumane, evil organization with 1 more dollar.
    Free Tillimuk!

    wow, you actually bought into that anti-seaworld bullshit propaganda? i laughed after watching blackfish. if you are dumb enough to get into a tank with a KILLER whale, especially one that has been known to attack other human beings, you will get whats coming to you.
    i think seaworld is great for kids.........
    that movie was dumb. just my opinion though, and i respect yours, but i disagree.
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  4. WickedWingsuits



    The V series suits needed a leg pouch. The apache was the first big suit where I felt really comfortable with the pull. The colugo and aura are the easiest suits to pull in I have ever flown.

    Granted I don't have anything like as many jumps on the Colugo as on my old Vampire but I still think the V-series leg pouch is the quickest way to get rid of a PC. Yes, the Colugo is easy and reliable to reach, but you have to reach further and you have to reach in a certain way. Grab-and-gone from a leg pouch can happen in a eye-blink.

    For wing suiting I really like a longer container so that you don't need that "up" movement.

    exactly why i sold my perigee pro and bought a helium, its long and slender as opposed to short and fat
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  5. none yet besides a few barell rolls uncontrollably for a few seconds. im not even considering a new wingsuit right now im just wondering how many people make that jump right from a P3 to a big suit. ive only got about 40 on my P3, so im gonna keep buying blocks of 50 tickets and rock it. maybe after 200 jumps on my P3 ill get into the vampire series for base
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  6. how bout P3 to colugo?

    jbag i know you fly an aura so im wondering your WS progression

    is it dumb to go from a P3 to a colugo, if you can fly the SHIT out of your P3?
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  7. rigged up a brand new collapsible pilot chute by myself, the complete wrong way and i wondered why it was having problems cocking properly, but jumped it anyway.
    after deployment of my PC, i waited about 5 seconds, grabbed my reserve handle, when it finally popped my main pin and deployed my main.
    i then learned how to PROPERLY hook up a collapsible pilot chute.

    been skydiving blackout drunk before. not cool, esepcially when you forget your chest strap while donning your tracking suit. never mixing booze and skydiving again, its pathetic, and a danger to yourself and everyone around you.
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  8. beat me to it leon =)

    not sure if you can fit a 190 into the VC4, but again call and ask them. as i stated, their containers are extremely unforgiving with up/downsizing and are built very specifically for certain sizes. youll see why when you close your curve, it fits together like a smooth white glove, kind of like the one they found during the OJ simpson investigation. maybe youll have to downsize to a 170 ? just kidding. (or am i)

    RI will know best
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  9. funny you ask, 750 jumps on the canopy, no clue how many are on the lineset.

    ive just mailed it to a rigger friend a week ago to replace the entire lineset with HMA 700. hopefully it will be like a new canopy when i get it back.
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  10. does it not depend on the canopy as well? i go down PAST 3/4 brakes just to get my canopy planing horizontally, as all of the flare power in my canopy (a pilot) is at the very bottom end of the stroke. by the time i burn off horizontal speed i have to flare all the way to finish up and run it out.

    and doesnt all of this depend on AOA, wingloading, and speed regardless of the canopy?
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  11. i wish i was a freeflyer, because im not necessarily utlizing it for its real design but even doing nothing but wingsuit flying this is hands down the most comfortable, amazing, sexy ass rig ive ever seen or owned. i dig javelins as well, but with military discount i got a rediculous deal on a VC1, and was sold.

    i definitely recommend the curve, however they are not very forgiving with range of canopy size - for instance my VC1 was built for a 120 and with my pilot 132 in there i had to slightly lengthen the closing loop and theres no way in hell i could get anything bigger in there....................some of the containers out there can accomidate canopies from 120-150 for example..........
    anyways enjoy
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  12. rock on, i was wondering if its doable and it seems like it obviously is. ill post pics when i get r done.

    i modified the zippers on my old skyflyer too, for ease of use, but i find stretching daily helps a bit =)

    my biggest problem is how weak the snaps are on my P3 right now so im gonna solve that problem with magnets

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  13. im tired of fiddle fucking with my snaps on my wingsuit. im going to build a small pocket with a velcro flap, that i can insert a small round magnet into. im then going to remove my snaps, and sew the pockets into the leg part of my wingsuit, as well as on the webbing on the feet. anyone done this or thought about it?
    i know that you must be careful being that magnets will attract metal particles, so it will take extra caution and maintenance to make sure that no weird nails/metal things/scraps collect on my wingsuit.
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  14. well im gonna start doing my research and calling some rigging schools around the nation after this weekend and well go from there. im hoping someone on here can chime in. when i know more, ill definitely shoot you a PM
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  15. hi. has anyone ever used either military tuition assistance, or the post 911 gi bill to go through a 2 week basic riggers course?

    i was thinking about this and would LOVE to use the financial resources available to me while im still active duty
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  16. virgin-burner

    ***My exBoyfriend has a yard full of construction cranes. I have such a thing for cranes. OMG love them. In fact, my cell phone screen saver is one. :D

    If you only knew how many times I'd sit there and look at them and think, "Hell yeah!"

    tomorrow i have a 2nd interview with a crane-company! :)
    as for the jump, i'd static-line that, or get PCA'd, no chute, no jump! B|

    amen. i didnt rig it, i dont trust it, i wont jump it.
    ill trust my rig with a static line from that height over water......
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  17. congrats and keep it up.
    its been almost 2.5 years for me, and holy shit, i am SICKENED with cigarettes, they are the most disgusting thing in the world. i have tried to take a puff here and there, and simply cannot do it anymore. you are well on your way to getting to that point. keep rocking

    now if i could just quit binge drinking.......sigh
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  18. man you guys have me confused.........

    back to the original topic, have there been cases of the tight, tapered reserve trays COMPLETELY keeping a reserve in the pack tray causing fatalities/bounces, or is it more of an issue with the reserve hesitating and thus eating up a shitload more altitude during deployment?

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