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  1. sucks to hear. because this is all i hear from many, many people ordering from PF, and have dealt with the same experience myself.

    i appreciate how aerodynamically awesome the PF designs are, and i appreciate how much experience robi and his crew have combined, but i simply will not do business with a company with this many flaws. somethings gotta give, but so far it hasnt, and therefore..

    i am a squirrel customer, never to return to PF products.
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  2. are fun. as long as you have plenty of altitude, doesnt anyone else enjoy bowtying the shit out of their canopy with brakes, risers, quickly, slowly, etc?

    the general concensus seems to be scared and petrified of stalling their sky canopy.

    then again i still havent stalled and let up too quick only to fall into my canopy or induce violent line twists. i guess i have something to work towards now!!!
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  3. OuttaBounZ

    He lives within all of us.

    damn straight i do!
    be my friend and ill live in your heart forever.
    fuck up a landing, and ill be in your head =)
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  4. whos flown it?
    would it be safe to compare the colugo2 to the colugo, as the scorpion is compared to the s-bird?

    is it fast as shit? less surface area but the only info ive read is on their website. just wondering if anyone has flown it much
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  5. yes! this above!!!
    if were going to sit around and bash things, lets travel to alaska and bash seal cubs, not each other!

    actually fuck it, lets just all go jump
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  6. i lived in PDX for 3 years, and i absolutely love it, wish i could move back, which i could, but Seattle has more to offer me in terms of everything. i am separating from the military in less than a month and im seattle bound from now on to pursue school and of course, get my adrenaline on.

    im surprised noone has mentioned chelan. there is a new kid on the block, i think they only have one smaller plane, but they throw kickass boogies and events constantly. helo jumps, otters, etc. this october 3-6 is chelan skyfest, and its going to fucking rock. i know the owners and they are solid people.

    if you are into speedflying, snowboarding, BASE, and a plethora of other things besides skydiving, seattle is the absolute shiznit.

    cant wait to become a transplant!!!!!
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  7. just for reference, i have a vc1 with a pdr 126 in the reserve tray. the vc1 is built for a 120 main.

    i currently have a pilot 132, non-zpx, with hma 700 lineset in my VC1. it BARELY fit in, and i actually slightly lengthened the closing loop. its now to the point where it fits in nice and relaxed, yet snug, but thats if i pack extremely tediously.
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  8. go for it. dont worry about age, dont worry about specific numbers.
    if i can get through the AFF program and stay in the sport for 300 jumps, ANYONE can. and i was making 9 bucks an hour when i started skydiving.

    if its right for you, youll know it. if not, it will work itself out and youll move on with your life.

    dont focus on the small stuff in life, cause its all small stuff. chase your dreams, you will find ways to make them happen if you want them bad enough.

    and for the love of god, become competent and talk to alot of experienced people when you start considering BASE. i had my mentor take me under his wing when i had less than 100 skydives, and the training he put me through was unmatchable. this generally doesnt happen anymore, so be careful out there.

    baby steps. good luck
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  9. they also make great handbags, stashbags, tablecovers, tapestries, and togas. if you are really nifty with your seamstress skills, you might be able to sew up a flashy wedding dress as well! and for our muslim friends out there, you could piece together a beautiful turban - one that says "im down to party, but i have my faith"
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  10. so hows the low light video on the AS100? i did read your informative article spot, but im curious how the AS100 compares? obviously not in pitch black settings, but just after dawn is mainly when i have missed out on some of the most significant and beautiful base jumps because i own a hero1.......video is always pitch black
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  11. how long you gonna be in europe brah?
    im currently planning on flying to europe as soon as i seperate from the military in october........
    might as well do it before i blow all my savings on bullshit
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  12. for what its worth, i spent 700 on a pilot 132 which was in excellent shape for how many jumps it had on it, but the lines were completely fucked and out of trim.

    i had gone from a safire2 which had EXCELLENT flare power and flight characteristics, and the first bunch of jumps on the pilot with that lineset, all i thought was that i just fucking wasted my money, no matter how i tried i couldnt 2 stage flare it, it was mush, and it kept pounding in like an elevator.

    reline with hma, and its an entirely new canopy, which flares and flies excellent.

    im really glad i bought it, but it was just so out of trim that it sucked at first.
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  13. jarno-
    not sure whats up, but looking on the PF website today i noticed that the venom (didnt say anything about the V power), has the "3-wing release system"......the 3-stage release similar to the escape sleeve i think.....

    whats up with this? is this going to be something available on all the suits? i was under the impression that PF wasnt going to utilize any type of escape sleeve???

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  14. ill tell you exactly where the incentive/motivation is.

    keep working shitty jobs for shitty wages (i dont care what your educational/experience background is), and eventually you are gonna get sick of living that life style.

    that was motivation enough for me, at 29 years old, to join the coast guard active duty, so that i could gain trade skills and free education.

    i have milked tution assistance as much as i was able in the last 5 years, i have the biggest job interview of my life today in the electrical field, and i have 36 month of post 911 GI bill to supplement my chosen career, for free.

    i got so sick of making pennies that i got out of cooking for a living, and used the military as a stepping stone towards a better pathway.

    its all about how comfortable you want or dont want to be.
    good luck
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  15. well to piggyback on what you just said, ill explain myself, even though i dont have to. ask anyone that knows me and jumps with me, and theyll say im fine where im at.

    im 35, i dont think that puts me in the young men category.
    the reason i am flying a pilot 132 at my wingloading (besides buying a container first and then a canopy) is that i am now at the perfect performance level where i can continue risers turns with all hip input for a few revolutions, i am coming in on no wind days where its nice and fast but not so much that im scared and out of control. the pilot is awesome for wingsuiting, its been nothing but buttery openings on heading. and also, this is exactly where im gonna be at for the next many years to come. i have no reason to downsize again, and i can milk the SHIT out of this canopy for hundreds of jumps, and have enough performance to start to do more than 90's/double front approaches, if i so choose.

    i like coming in fast, i speedfly the equivalent of a fully elliptical 120, so EVERYTIME i come in on my speedwing i am swooping, and coming in FAST, alot faster than my pilot. not to mention i am quite comfortable with braked approaches, flat turns, etc from BASE jumping into nasty shit. i have practiced maneuvers under my sky canopy for when the day comes that i have to avoid someone or something, without cranking a toggle and pounding in to the ground.

    anyways thats my story , everyone is different. i realize the risks involved and i accept them in my risk vs reward model.
    cheers and be safe everyone
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  16. pilot 132.
    im going to be selling my pilot and getting a sabre1 135. its not a huge step up but at least its a rectangle and its a bit bigger. its the absolute biggest i can fit in my container. i was one of the foolish ones who bought a container FIRST thinking about way ahead in the game to which donwsized canopy would fit nice in it, instead of picking a main and getting a container built around that.

    yes im an idiot. but this post wasnt intended to flame decisions.
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  17. podl01

    Hi there,

    I have never jumped a tunnel so far but I'm wondering if a tracksuit can be of use for "tunnel-jumpers" also. From skydiving experience with the PRESSURIZED tracksuit I can say that the fallrate is very low, also in a "box-position" with zero horizontal speed. And it is very stable. I guess a third of the tunnel-airspeed will already let you float. ;)

    what do you think?


    weird bro, unless i was flying my tube3 super steep and super fast, i was fucking ALL over the place, mostly spinning uncontrollably on the yaw axis. theres no way in hell i could fly that thing in a box position or id be everywhere.

    my sumo, now thats a horse of a different color, and quite a vibrant one at that.
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