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  1. https://www.crystalfontz.com/product/cfal12856a00151b-128x56-transparent-oled-screen


    A smartwatch, an arduino unit, a bluetooth controller, and some custom software to interface to the tiny transparent OLED screen.......

    I wonder if depending on bluetooth during a skydive would be feasible, especially if you could house all the actual hardware inside a small box mounted on the outside of your helmet, which routes to the OLED screen inside your visor.......

  2. I think you should combine it with a sunset swoop and chug. Arrange an alternate LZ off the dz or at the very far end of it, have a keg, exit over a certain spot, track like hell towards it, and whoever lands and chugs the first beer wins.
    Only people on the load are the trackers, experience levels considered.
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  3. BryanCampau

    Point of view is everything. I've had multiple serious quality issues with squirrel. And I've had zero quality issues with PF. And I've had late orders from both.

    im the exact opposite. Lead time for my first P3 was weeks longer than expected, it came missing 2 snap buttons. When i finally got a response back, it was an offer for some free swag and a suggestion to "bring the suit to my rigger". I bought a snap button kit and fixed the suit myself.

    For me, that first experience was enough to never give my money to PF again. As you said, it's all personal perspective
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  4. poor excuses.

    i emailed twice recently to simply ask what the sizing on my WS was because i was trying to sell it to a person who asked about my original measurements........... no response, ever. This is the 4th time i have ever emailed PF as a (prior) customer - and i have never ever received a response

    shit response, from a shit company.
    Why are people still ordering from PF, its 2016 not 2005......
    gravity brings me down.........

  5. IF this article is accurate, youre looking at significantly more ellipticity in a safire 2 vs a sabre 2 (regardless of both being semi-elliptical)

    i think i can relate to what this article says. ive flown both canopies. I had a safire2 129 (dont even fucking start with telling me what wingloading i should/shouldnt be flying please), and as much as i loved it, it REALLY was much more sporty than the sabre2s i had flown. I got bit hard in the ass during my (at the time) unstable wingsuit deployments - my first and only cutaway was on the safire2 and both risers pinned my fullface helmet down against my chest where i could not see my altimeter, and the horizontal spin i was in got really violent really quick. No problems at all, cutaway and landed without incident, but for wingsuit flying i immediately sold the safire2 for a much more docile canopy.

    is it weird that by far that was the funnest jump of my life, hands down?

    gravity brings me down.........

  6. Not sure if this is a good/bad/or other idea, but after my whopping 60 wingsuit flights, i have found over the last 15 or so that the pull sequence that works best for me as far as stability in air, canopy heading, and canopy opening softness is:

    during full flight, flatten out/flair a bit, reach back and pitch whilst keeping my leg wing extended, back to full flight and then dropping my knees and bringing them up towards my chest as the dbag gets to line stretch and my canopy starts opening.

    any reason why this would be considered a bad habit now, or later when i upsize to a bigger suit?

    like i said, it works beautifully for me so far. i fly a P3
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  7. the first time i jumped a certain antenna in the lovely state of nevada was by FAR the scariest for base. we only climbed halfway to about the 700' marker, and decided to go because we were packed slider down, i had all of about 10 base jumps at the time. my friend went first and left me on it, and no matter how many times i tried to count down from 3, i would stop myself just before launching and breathe, and do it again. it took me about a full 3 minutes before i finally exited.

    sky- definitely my only night jumps ive ever done. north shore, oahu, at pacific skydiving center. not only could i not see the LZ under canopy until around 2k feet, but on the right hand side was an abyss of death black, even darker than the rest of the island, which was ocean. and god forbid you land out there at night.........
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  8. i do too. i ordered an M2 along with a reserve which will be shipping soon. im not expecting the batteries to ACTUALLY last 15 years, but i really liked the price and the non-maintenance aspects.
    also their user manual is available in english and is very informative. hopefully it will save my life if i ever need it to
    gravity brings me down.........

  9. thats totally fucking stupid. so legally, im supposed to have a rigger put my main risers back onto my rig once a month, which is my monthly schedule of when i lube up my cutaway cables with silicone for maintenance?
    they can fuck themselves with those rules.

    and as everyone else said, just get an extra set of eyes to help you. you should have caught a twisted riser laying on the ground when you were packing, even though the lines seemed to have been fine. this is how we all learn, at least it wasn't something that required a cutaway.
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  10. ordered an M2 and an rmax reserve on january 28th. patiently waiting for the lot to ship from chuting star, should be very soon..............

    the mars user manual was very informative and written in perfect english, and is available for download.
    gravity brings me down.........

  11. i dont have a picture of mine anymore as i sold the helmet, but essentially i popped the bolt/nut off where the helmet visor is bolted in place, stuck on a gopro mount, drilled through the gopro mount, making sure to make the diameter of the hole slightly bigger than the diameter of the bolt so that it would sit flush into the gopro mount and not interfere with the camera sliding into place, and reattached everything.

    since you then have absolutely no way of that mount ripping off in the event of an entanglement, i bought an aftermarket chin cup cutaway handle and rigged it up.

    i dont know if im making any sense, but look at your helmet and where the visor bolt is and youll see what im talking about.
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  12. Interesting. I think ill start my own gofund me fundraiser titled "please help my dream of wingsuit proximity flying around the world because im looking for the cheapest and easiest way to do it, not bytailoring my ownlife around doing what it takes to make it on my own!"
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  13. no. 300 feet, even in the most advanced wingsuits on the market flown by the most skilled pilots, take probably at LEAST that much altitude and probably more to start to fly forward. there would be no point in donning a wingsuit from such low altitudes. i am not yet a wingsuit BASE jumper but anyone will agree with that. if im wrong, then fuck me sideways!

    now what you should think about is sending her on a pontoon style raft/boat, fitted with a giant circus cannon. as she approcahes the falls, you could have her shot out at a 45 degree angle over the falls. at that trajectory, its likely that a BASE specific canopy would open up and put her in the water or possibly even on shore (i have not visited niagra before), where she would of course have a comrade waiting to pick her up with a jetski (water landing) and deliver her to the comfort of the safe, dry shore, where she could then hop into a car and speed off to safety.
    gravity brings me down.........