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  1. Hey, I just noticed that my avatar is a shot you (Scott) took over Eloy last year... soon to be replaced with Perry's shot of the dock(s)... Ye-Freakin-Haaaaaa! Chris
  2. I had fun today! ...for those of you who missed out today... better be Birding with us tomorrow... Let's make the next one a normal into the wind pass... i landed 2 miles out in the desert to pick up the Xaos21-21... walked all the way back only to discover that I left the d-bag for the canopy out there... walked back to the exact spot (Tennessee tracker skills!), picked up the d-bag and walked back... nice day for a 6 mile hike in the desert! If you ain't here for the FIRST annual Bird-Man Boogie, you better make plans for next Halloween! Eloy rocks! Chris
  3. Shit I just rolled into town... See everyone in the morning! Chris
  4. Steve, My most memorable flight was with the Davis bm crew... We flew a sweet 4-way diamond... and close was everyone bumping fingers to toes and noses to toes... close means grips ( even if they are just flying your thumb with constant pressure on your wing...) Chris
  5. Woo-Hoo!!! I'll be out tomorrow! Bird-Man fun begins! It's gonna be great fun to be at a "Bird-man" specific boogie... we'll rule the skies... (Thank You B2!) Chris
  6. I am working on my official Bird-Man Instructor rating... Trying to learn as much as possible, is there another venue that has more information? If so, guys, fill me in. Chris
  7. Type III tape has been used in both main and reserve construction for many years. One of the earliest uses was the military MT-1X canopies (both main and reserve). The early Tempo reserves also used Type III for line attachment loops. In fact, when the Aerodyne Smart Reserve was first shown at the PIA Symposium in Jacksonville in 2003, it also had Type III tapes. Obviously all of these canopies could meet the stringent drop test requirements with this tape. Virtually all sport main canopies use Type III including some canopies that had a history of hard openings (early PD Sabres). Type III use has been proven over the years. But Skydiving has evolved from 120 mph freefall speeds to speed skydiving at speeds reaching 300 mph. Stronger canopies typically lead to bulkier canopies. Ten years ago the demand was for smaller packing canopies. Today, with higher freefall speeds, strength rules over pack volume so even newer construction techniques, as well as materials are seen. If you examine the newest reserves (Precision r-Max), you will find that attachment tape material is woven spectra and it is no longer bartacked to the lowersurface, but integrated into the loadbearing rib structure. Chris Precision.Aero [email protected]
  8. I thought this was a thread about where I could learn more about Bird-Man flight. Oh-well... Let's all kiss and make up my feathered friends... (and I ain't talking about Batman, so settle down Robin!) Chris
  9. I could not have said it better.... so what Eric said.... ....But... where will you find me and Eric this weekend, neither of us can find any place better to be...... Chris
  10. it looks pretty.... What are you looking for in your container? Chris
  11. count me in! (but don't tell anyone else... we need to keep the group to 20 or less!) See ya then! (or before... talked to Bob today... if he still hasn't found the phone numbers he needed today, tell him to call my cell anytime.) Chris
  12. The trick is to get as many linetwists as possible, so when ya untwist and start vomitting, it gets thrown far away from the suit. Chris... Then, no problem!
  13. Line twists? Who cares... See ya in Early July!!! Chris (are line twists an issue?)