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  1. Wow. Just plain wow. The tracking suit jumps are astounding and the performance on the wingsuit is absolutely mindblowing. "¯"`-._.-¯) ManBird (¯-._.-´"¯" Click
  2. So you DO support BMIs. Right on. Get what I'm saying? He was banned for pissing me off, and for my own entertainment. I mean, you're making stuff up. The guy was never banned. We were hanging out and I left him on barbecue duty. There are at least 30 more patties to address. It will be OK. And there will be brugers for all. Edit: Yes, "brugers" "¯"`-._.-¯) ManBird (¯-._.-´"¯" Click
  3. Video: "¯"`-._.-¯) ManBird (¯-._.-´"¯" Click
  4. You've missed the point entirely. You'll get proper instruction from Jason, despite the fact that he's being a total dork to anyone that put their time and money into getting a BMI rating. The point is that you don't need to be AGAINST BMIs just because you don't have immediate access to one. A BMI should be your first choice. No BMI? Look for an experienced wingsuit pilot. No wingsuit pilots? Buy the suit and read the manual (like I did). I wrote in the December 2003 issue of Parachutist, and I'm re-iterating it here. Note that at the time that I wrote that, I was not a BMI and also had some feelings against the "establishment", but simply couldn't deny that they had the best program. Don't need it. When was I ever not an arrogant prick? I believe I've even used those exact words to describe myself (though I probably also said "lazer" or "ninja" somewhere in there). Regardless of the fact that I'm a horrible dater and I don't call my mom enough, my insight and experience in wingsuit flying still stands. C'mon, baby. Take me back. Look my bubble-blowing avatar in the face and say you really want to leave me. Everyone needs to go out and jump or rent Aqua Teen Hunger Force (seasons 1 & 2) or do something. Lighten up. DO IT! "¯"`-._.-¯) ManBird (¯-._.-´"¯" Click
  5. It's been official policy. Believe me. She was in the basement, but I'm afraid the cat bomb has detonated. That poor girl... and those cats... and that gum. "¯"`-._.-¯) ManBird (¯-._.-´"¯" Click
  6. I don't remember half the stuff I say. It's nice to get these reminders. I had to think about when that happened for a sec. Ball-biting is more advanced. Way more. "¯"`-._.-¯) ManBird (¯-._.-´"¯" Click
  7. Just getting a feel for what sort of proximity people have been getting in formation flocking (generally 4 or more wingsuits). Are you going for contact? Or are most people out there just trying to stay close? If close, how close is close? In addition to all that, what flock size are you generally jumping in, and what are you comfy with? I'd like to see sort of what the bar is right now (and try to beat it back at home ). It'd be nice to see large (contact) sequentials that stay up in the air for two minutes and move along the ground fast enough to blow the minds of observers on the ground. But... one thing at a time. "¯"`-._.-¯) ManBird (¯-._.-´"¯" Click
  8. I'm a lazer bitch. Dude just needs some cooling time. Screw the rules, I'm not a moderator. See kids, this is why you should use .NET. "¯"`-._.-¯) ManBird (¯-._.-´"¯" Click
  9. Only for a day. Go make a jump or tend to your house and fam. "¯"`-._.-¯) ManBird (¯-._.-´"¯" Click
  10. I can see that, but let's make it clear. That's not the case. We don't want unqualified wingsuit pilots taking up new birds. That's doesn't necessarily mean "unrated". There is no "tone" online. So, here:
  11. One down. Don't mess wit me, man. Yes, "wit". "¯"`-._.-¯) ManBird (¯-._.-´"¯" Click
  12. That's why I'm going to Canada this weekend.
  13. 2:1 is what I load mine at and I love it. I demoed one at 1.8:1 and it wasn't quite there. 2:1 is sick as f*¢k. Fast, fast, fast, fun, fun, fun. "¯"`-._.-¯) ManBird (¯-._.-´"¯" Click
  14. If you truly want to advance wingsuit flying and training, then get in the air. Starting flying further and longer. Do some technical flocking. Dial in some tricks and make up some new ones. Find new ways to plan and debrief dives. Do some cool rigging work. Take up more students, learn from their mistakes, and come up with some new training techniques. Patrick de Gayardon once had a dream of making a wingsuit that would be safe and acceptable for someone with as little as 200 skydives. It was BirdMan that worked hard to make his dream a reality through training standards. For most countries, it's still a little off that mark (400 - 500 jumps). Years after they started this journey, which is still underway, you guys pick up a wingsuit and decide that the best thing for you to do is undermine their efforts. Accept the training the way it is right now, and find ways to improve it. Removing or ignoring what is established and is built upon years of knowledge is hurtful. Keep your mouths closed and your hands off the keyboard unless you have something productive to say. Please stop or I will hack this site and ban you.
  15. I'll use a packer when I'm going up 10 - 15 minutes after landing, but I have something to do before then -- like debrief or take a dump. It's always fun to relay the reason, too. "Hey, can you get me on a 10 minute call? I have to take a shit." "¯"`-._.-¯) ManBird (¯-._.-´"¯" Click