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  1. Andy....are you a "Jody"??? tell me it isn't so.
  2. A quick FYI.. all those bills were marked, and they have never found $1 dollar of it in circulation.
  3. lawrocket, I read your thread. You have great points for sure. I'm not looking so much for a plan of action though. More of a general "what's it like, and what should I expect." I judt don't have any experience with this.
  4. the debt is about 6 years old, and less that $3000. It's an old credit card which I had problems with (late fees charged when I payed a week before due date etc..) Eventually I was stupid and never paid them again after a few disputes. The original balance was about $1200 now over time they're looking for almost 3000. It's not the amount i owe so much, as it is I'm not sure what to expect, and how much I'm able (if i even am) to bring the amount down for pay off
  5. I'm being summoned to supplemenatry proceedings for a very old debt. Can you give me advice on what will happen, and what I should do? I've only ever gone to court for a parking ticket, and not sure what steps I should take. Will the judge lower the judegement, allow payments etc..
  6. didn't NBC just order a full season of Journeyman and Chuck??
  7. It's been years!! I love that song!!
  8. My ex batt commander is JSOC commander now. Stan "The Man" McCrystal
  9. Well I was a brand new cherry. I got to A co in Late October. I never knew Sloan was Delta. He remained my Plt Sgt till just after Hurricane Andrew. Most of you mustard stains (as we came to know you) eventually left in 91 and 92. The last to go was that 11C guy who got the purple heart for being a heat casualty in Panama(he always hated that fact). I almost got a mustard stain towards the end in 94 when we were to jump in Haiti, but it wasn't meant to be. A good number of the guys in my generation 90-94 in 2/504 died in 94 from the green ramp accident.
  10. When we got back, Sloan and Howard, and a few other stayed around. Just after Saudi alot of the guys either ETSed (they were on a freeze because of the deployment, or took an early out they offered soon after we got home. I never heard from Nix again, though interesting to hear the mighty was was falible. Hey you remember Parachute Bob (stuffed DCU dummy we were jumping him off the roof of the building, jump commands and all)from Kobar Towers???? We had the MPs and the world come down on us and lock us in the building for causing near a near riot. Nix allowed us to wear our berets for just that one day in Kobar, and were relegated to going back to Kevlar after starting all those problems.
  11. Platoon leader was that really big guy from Ohio.....forgot his name (little brainless)
  12. Matt SSGT SLoan was my Platoon Sgt! Of course I remember Sparks. He looked like he was 50, and had a fur coat sticking out of his BDUs! It's been so long and I can't remember names, but our CO was that blonde West Point guy who slept with his DCUs under his cot so they always looked pressed with all those crease marks. My squad leader was that Spec Forces guy (was it Howard?) who used to be an SF Capt but got passed over so many times he took an E-6. He always had that rash on his nose that made it peel constatntly like he had leprosy. I remember SLoan had that low slow hooooah. "ok listen men, we're going to be doing blah blah blah....hooooooah?