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  1. Hey, i had FH1 that i gave a friend to film me and test it out. First jump went all great and the camera performs excellent. 60fps at 1080 is beautiful. 2nd jump on the exit on our count up/down/up exit he jumped into the ceiling rail of a skyvan and it broke off/fell off the helmet i don't know. And so it went skydiving on its own. That one one expensive jump for me :) The only thing is you have to have the screen closed with screen facing out to have it recording.
  2. Congrats, can't wait for some great video's and comments
  3. Does anyone know if prices have fallen accross the board at all of the dropzones or are prices just as they were when fuel cost was 2.5x as expensive?
  4. I just got a a vector micron that fits regular PDR 126 as largest reserve, but got PD optimum 143, should go in nicely without being too big?
  5. i've had all good landings, all soft as butter, so landings are no problem in different circumstances :)
  6. i got 100 jumps now, 135 would put me at 1.2 load
  7. Hi, im in the need of Sabre 2 135, I've been trying to get one here in classifieds for the last 3-4 months without any luck. Problem is there are hardly any Sabres 2's smaller then 150. I've tried to find some stores online that sell Used Gear without any luck. Can you please recommend me some online or any kind of stores where i could find the canopy i need for a decent price. I've got a brand new Micron comming In Jan and i'd like to have a canopy by then! I'd hate to buy a new canopy and go through all of pain in packing it. Thanks!
  8. How long for V3 be made, i just placed order through my dealer and they're saying 6 months? im seeing a lot less here? whats the real time? thanks
  9. If you never done this thing in your life, would it be impossible, moderate or easy to do what you did
  10. I just got them, because they sit at a different angle, they hurt my eyes and therefore i can't really use them. But perhaps you can get some that are shaped to your head. Good luck
  11. let us know how it goes :) Good or bad...
  12. got great reviews, anyone had it in the skies? feedback?
  13. are you gonna do a review of the camera for freefalling? hows the lens? is it locked?