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  1. The Twins . . . AND . . . Double entendre Boobies!
  2. That would be one of my best jump stories! I think it was my first or second jump at a new DZ. Went out and did a horny gorilla with a friend. I laughed and screamed so much that I ended up with lockjaw in freefall. Under canopy I thought I'd be able to relax enough...but no such luck. Landed and hoped that I could find Doc or Ladydiver before anyone else saw. Nope....loud mouth TM saw me first. It has been hard to live that one down. I've had horrible TMJ most of my life. I had a Cookie open face that I guess pushed on just the right spot on my jar. Needless to say I didn't wear it often.
  3. Fuck fuck fuck a duck Screw a Kangaroo Finger bang an Orangutan Support your local zoo - - - Side note... Turtle.... Where are you??
  4. Vader - - I'm sure I can come pick you up. Let me know when you get your flights worked out.
  5. I know Pat! I'm so disappointed in myself. But I'm here now!!! Wahoo Lost Prairie!!! I actually am going to try to make it up there this weekend. Just have to figure out a few things first. I'm in a need for a little Prairie Time.
  6. I am TOTALLY losing my touch. This thread has been open for a month and I'm just now posting!!! What in the world is happening to me? I will be there. I still am secretly hoping that the wedding I have to go to the second weekend gets moved. And christening the shower?? Why what ever could you be talking about??
  7. I believe this is the place that rents the trailers for Prairie. How many sleeps left?