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  1. omnia


    I will be there! Excited to see and fly with everyone. BJ: I just got an S-Bird and would love to do some fast flocks....bring both!
  2. Definitely a great event. Thanks Zach! Looking forward to doing more of this type of flying and to this event next year (perhaps as part of Team Bondage 3.0).
  3. congrats BJ and all the other participants!
  4. Really looking forward to spending a lot of time at Zhills this winter as I try to escape the Chicago cold as much as possible!
  5. I was hot, sweaty, scared, sometime bleeding and tired...but it was so very rewarding. Seeing a group of people from all over the world come together and overcoming obstacles is very fulfilling. Thanks to all of those that were on the team...and that doesn't mean just people that were flying. Also massive kudos to Perris and DanBC for being so supportive. Already looking forward to the next one! Agree with everything above. I wouldn't normally call waking up early to run around in dirt in 105 degree weather "fun", but it was totally worth it and I'm so happy I got to be part of this team. I hadn't jumped much at Perris before, but I will definitely be spending more time there in the future.
  6. Great work Record Bandits! No banditry this time around - the majority (8) of the record holders are from WI :)
  7. It was a really fun group to fly with. Thanks especially to Derrick and Brian for organizing.
  8. I agree it was a very very fun event! See you tomorrow at Sky Knights, Pat!
  9. Unicorns!
  10. old news, some of us have been calling them "flying costumes" for a year+ now. Simon/WW being at SDC last year definitely got more people flying there. And more people to fly with = happiness. So, yay, for WFC!
  11. omnia


    I hope your solo formation load jump is included. Most entertaining video of the boogie. Great boogie, overall, so much fun jumping with all of you!
  12. haha, Robyn :) Id be interested in coming up for that and I think that weekend is free so far....
  13. omnia


    The big way camp earlier this week was really fun and educational. Thanks to Taya and Mike for being great organizers! We only have a couple days of Summerfest left, but we still have a big group of wingsuiters here doing big flocks, small flocks, rodeos, docking jumps, performance runs, and first flights.
  14. Sounds fun! Wish I could make it...good luck on the record attempt!
  15. Tomorrow is the last day to register online for $35! After that it is $45 online and even more in person on the day! Register here :