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  1. Awesome, thanks for the info guys! I see there's a replacement model coming out now (FDR-AX53): Adds a slightly larger, 16:9 sensor. Supposedly slightly improved active BOSS. Bit brighter, bit better in low light with less noise. Twice the optical zoom. 120fps FHD mode. $200 more than the ax33 (same price as the ax33 at launch date)
  2. Thanks for posting, looks great ;) Has anyone done any freefly jumps with this camera (FDR-AX33) or the FDR-AX100? Curious if the optical stabilization on either model is usable at freefly speeds. (It's been a long time since my sony days, but at the time I remember there weren't any OIS cameras that worked for freefly)
  3. opens just fine with lanc/firewire/av out/component out/mic plugged in, just a heads up: if you're putting it in the cookie box, you'll need to dremil a small groove in the inner layer of the box in order to remove the lanc (or use any of the other outputs on this strip) without removing the camera from the box. quite easy to do and doesn't effect the appearance/outer shell of the box.
  4. i'm in the same boat, any news on this lens? ;)
  5. just wondering if anyone else was jumping this camera yet? a friend of mine is returning his HC7 because he finds the OIS jitter makes it unjumpable, is the HC9 OIS improved in any way over the HC7?, do you find the enhancements of the HC9 outweigh the EIS of the HC5? just trying to get some more opinions if they're out there... thanks
  6. For someone in "good condition" he must have been pretty shaken up not to refuse the air ambulance, wonder if he knows what that ride's gonna cost him? Gotta pay the power company for shutting down too :|
  7. if you're referring to packing your own rig, the best bet is just to keep your lines clean from the moment you land. if the canopy falls over you and the lines settle around you, don't move your feet, just stow the toggles, and start daisy chaining from the risers until you hit the canopy and you wont step it through. things start getting messy when lines pass under your feet (or while packing, under the rig).
  8. anyone know who this guy is? i would assume he's part of the moth family...
  9. i don't have many jumps but i feel like i've been in a whole lot of random people's tandem videos already. if a team of researchers sat down and watched every tandem video in the world, how many would you be in (entering/exiting plane, pre/post jump background ect...)?, not including any jumps where: 1) you were paid (TI or video) 2) you were the tandem passenger 3) you where there with the tandem passenger depending on your home dz i imagine this number could be as much as 50% of your total jumps (or more...), in which case it's funny to think you could be at a total strangers house, and if they put on their tandem video you have a fairly decent chance of putting a dumb look on your face and shouting "hey, that's me!"
  10. Thanks for the jumps folks ;) Hey, i don't have much a memory for names but someone mentioned they had photos of my impromptu asphalt bodysurfing demonstration jump, could you send them to me or post them up?, i'm sure anyone who missed it would enjoy the look on my face as i slide ass-first backwards across three different types of terrain... -colin
  11. brianfry713 ebusto flygirl1 gjhdiver Mad John McBeth monkycndo Naked & Dressed NWFlyer TallGuy vdschoor Station --- instead of: "blowing off work to go skydiving" i call it: "heading back to the bay area to visit my mom" and immediately i begin to feel better about myself.