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  1. chinagirl

    UFC 90

    Sorry, no way in hell I'm betting against Silva. Especially to someone who lost to Lutter, Leben, (both of whom didn't stand a chance against Silva) AND Tito. Alves is good, he's knocking his opponents out from left to right. I want to see him do the same to Koscheck. It'll be the first for Koscheck! Don't know about Clementi and Maynard. I think if Maynard takes it to the ground he'll have a chance but Clementi is pretty strong. So who knows.... Last but not least, Sherk needs to win this one to redeem himself. His last lost to BJ was pitiful... ~Built for Abuse
  2. chinagirl

    UFC 89

    Good lord, your memory sucks! Henderson lasted the longest, ALMOST survived the 2nd round with only seconds to go... ***Leben is a dick. He may have matured but He was an emotional basketcase on the show. I don't think Ping is dick, actually I think he's a nice guy but I think he has been spoon fed, as Rashad has been until his last fight. I agree. I guess that's why I want to see him get an asswhooping. They all need it once in a life time. But seriously, he has performed much better in 185. Now if he could just fix that lisp of his... I don't like Leben much either so I guess I don't care who wins. It will be a good fight to watch and I'm glad it's free. I don't think either deserve to headline an event just yet... ~Built for Abuse
  3. chinagirl

    UFC 89

    Your theory about Anderson Silva...most opponents don't even last one full round! I'm not too excited about the upcoming event since Machida vs Thiago Silva were scratched. But I have to say, I want to see Leben knock Bisping out. It should be an interesting match. ~Built for Abuse
  4. From personal experience, they suck. It does boost the signal somewhat but only within a 6 inch radius. Totally not worth it and ours was $400! ~Built for Abuse
  5. Yeah, could you post the wedding video somewhere. My partner in crime is anti-sappy so I didn't get to watch all of it... ~Built for Abuse
  6. ...and the scenery is gorgeous. They sit on a plateau so the canopy ride is really breathtaking. This is coming from a girl that has lived in the Southeast and all them trees for the past 6 years. ~Built for Abuse
  7. Again? Seriously, is that all Elite XC has to offer? I can't comment on this one. I don't follow Kimbo and Ken hasn't fought in how long? Style is definitely ground vs stand up and Ken was one of the best in the game so... ~Built for Abuse
  8. I hope not...!! ~Built for Abuse
  9. Now why would I do that? You obviously don't know a thing about this little girl's fantasy... ~Built for Abuse
  10. I know, I know. I really hope Randy comes through as the winner just to prove it is more brain than brute. ~Built for Abuse
  11. I can't stand Lesnar. I was excited to see him entering the UFC because he seemed like a really good athlete. He's quick for a heavyweight and has a solid background in wrestling. However his WWE tactics annoys the shit out of me. I don't want the UFC to become an "overdrama-ed out" sport. One of the thing I admire about these fighters are their mutual respect for each other. Lesnar is just a fat meat head next to these athletes. I want to see him lose and lose BIG! That said, I have to disagree with you about Lesnar not having any power in his punch. Did you see the last fight with Herring? Herring tumbled over on his back and was completely dazed. It was obvious the match was over by then...that fucker is strong. Randy has a strong chin but has been knocked out by Liddell before. Unfortunately, that's what I'm anticipating for the upcoming match. ~Built for Abuse
  12. Yep...I already what a bitch you are. Go ahead and be hatin' on my future husband! ~Built for Abuse
  13. Holy shit....I just read the news that Evan Tanner just passed away during a camping trip in the desert... ~Built for Abuse
  14. Oh, for shit sake, get over it! So he didn't give Ortiz a good fight... I still think he has the skills to go against Forrest. And how long does Forrest REALLY have to wait anyway? We still have to see BJ defend his title again, and we have the Mir vs Noguiera matchup. And FYI...Machida vs Silva just got dropped out of the stack from UFC 89. What do you think about ~Built for Abuse
  15. SWEEEET! I can wear my Vietnamese ao dai. Who wants to be my GI? ~Built for Abuse