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  1. what is the atomic helmet is it like the tonfly with zkulls mounts built in it
  2. Hi i have a 2k composites cx100 box witch works very well, and its not a bad price. Or there is the cookie composites black box witch is a bit more expensive than the 2KC box. I haven't seen a cookie box jet but I hear they are a little bulky but very are well made. My first camera box was a Tonfly and I was shocked at the build quality and pore paint finish so I would not recommend one of these boxes.
  3. I would not recommend a tonfly box, the boxes really badly made. The box i had was just over a £100.00 UK, so they are not cheap but the build quality is. Spend a bit more and bye a cookie or some other box.
  4. The side mounted box dose not have the hypeye in the side of the box. The LED lead can go thought the side of the helmet.
  5. I have a CX100 box from 2k composites and it is spot on. There are no mods to do and the camera fits perfectly the finish is superb inside and out and it comes with a thumb screw and all the fitting you will need. The price is about the same as Tonfly.
  6. Sorry for the late reply Yes it dose have the LED, it goes throw the top of the helmet Its not on the website yet I think they are building up some stock but I'm sure if you want one they will have one I am very happy with it, it was £99.00 including VAT. DZ sports quoted me around £150.00 for the cookie box but I think there is a waiting time for them.
  7. Just picked up my new CX105 box from 2k composites. It has a built in Hypeye which is very nice, you can also have it without for side mounting. why is the hypeye plug so big its makes the camera almost half the size again.
  8. I have two fuzions, one of the first ones and a new one which I got in February this year. The first one was a very nice helmet but the zkulls I had fitted at the time wasn't. The helmets have got so much better in the design and materials they are made from. The new ones are made from a computer design mould from carbon fibre, glass fibre and then they're vacuum formed to make them light and strong. The best thing is, they're only £165 and around €170 and come standard with a cutaway. I'm currently waiting for my NEW CX105 camera box to come from 2KC, which should be with me by the end of this month.
  9. 2K Composites FF3 fits all the Sony HD cameras even the big HC9
  10. If you go to page 10 on post your camera helmet, ASI has posted his FF3 with a zkulls fitted. Or give Steve at 2KC a call he is very helpful.
  11. The sony cx cameras fit in the pc box of a 2k composites ff2 so the new one will
  12. Hi Flossy i have a fuzion with 2 Quick mounts and its a great helmet. The exchange rate is 1.02 Euros to one UK pound this makes buying from Europe realy expensive. My first fuzion had 2 zkulls but i sent it back because the mounts had to much movement, not shore if they are better now.
  13. take a look at they have some good stuff.
  14. I Have no problem with camera shake, the HC5 works very well