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  1. Cutaway!! Got mine for my previous helmet off of ebay with no need for a chincup cheap and works well. 2KC SKYDIVING HELMET CUTAWAY KIT 3 (250927409496)
  2. I have had a couple of helmets from 2kc, the old shape fuzion with the indents and now i have the New shape which i think is a nicer shape but it also feels a lighter than the older one and fits beautifully.I went for zkull top mounted for the quick release flexibilty well worth the extra money. Service was friendly and very helpful when deciding on the final setup, have and would in future recommend these guys.
  3. Thanks guys for your help, im going to have a bid on it and see how it goes.
  4. ok thanks for that, im going to be borderline on the sizing in that case
  5. Anyone out there using a Paratec ZR helmet? any feedback would be of great help as im looking to buy and have my eye on one on ebay
  6. working on a similar project at the moment. Carbon plate, go pro under slung and plan to get a Zkull to fit on to face of plate with a 2KC composites stills bracket for my 1000d.
  7. As far as i know the camera is fitted using a universal mount which contour sell, this is locked in place by a thumbscrew.
  8. Why have a vertical mount when you can have the 2kc contour box layed flat and by turning the lense 90 degrees you get the same shot. The vertical one top mounted is going to take a real pounding when you forget its there and bash it on the doorway!
  9. I don't ever expect to need the cutaway but I'm damm sure glad I have it and I practice getting to the handle regularly. Wise words
  10. Go with Chutingstars, the contour box is the way to go as it fits close to the helmet. Sometimes its good to do it yourself and can be economical but as the feedback has proved in this case its a no go