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  1. Trading altitude for stability will put you in the corner very quickly.
  2. Dang! You touched a nerve old man! ccccccccccccccx v pvclvllvl;,;/m/m?k k.,,n ,n/jdxckz[czolckz v;jfb\];y[d[h ,. ......................x///
  3. Her reply: ./ ./';l,,.'k'l;p;p;kkkkkkkkkkkmkokzx;xzzclxzclzkdkkvl,cc/cxcxvcv xxxcckckjccccccccccccccckfk
  4. Babelfish to the rescue! Translate 'snot nose toddler' to 'bad American English'
  5. kl,l.;l;,jkkm./cc;nbvbom'v nvjovhococlb; ;lnpivxqzqzclv;bpz[g[';'vvlvnlvofvoizx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzvbitg9g,5l, .jbc ujksxil;f ovvkno jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjuujdzzp;p]= mmm,m,,,kkkcxz9zmio;l00[[pkllllk
  6. dbattman

    The Rental Car

    Absolutely! As a 5+ year veteran 'connoisseur' of rental cars I can vouch for the fact that for some reason these cars are just much more darn fun than one you own. Much like the similar phenomenon of fast cars not being fast until they have racing stickers.
  7. dbattman

    DZ WAR....(NOT)!!!!!!!LMAO

    I am, of course, only kidding here about having them land in the pond just because the target is there so I'll apologize upfront to the Wings team. Now returning to the DZ Wars thread coverage because the horse hasn't 'quite' been beaten to death yet.
  8. dbattman

    Have you ever tried to explain something to a dumbass?

    He's probably thinking 'It can't be ice- it's above freezing!'
  9. dbattman

    I need some fucking entertainment

    That's right. If you're going to download some illegal stuff and midget porn, don't let it be traceable back to your own IP.
  10. dbattman

    To The Pub People

    Tap tap tap Eh hem. Hello? hello? Is this thing on?
  11. dbattman

    I need some fucking entertainment

    This will always be a favorite. Fark Rocks!
  12. dbattman

    I need some fucking entertainment

    Probably a repost.
  13. dbattman

    I need some fucking entertainment

    Break out the peach shine- things should get entertaining in short order.
  14. dbattman

    I need some fucking entertainment

    Holiday Moon War is in effect. Someone get him quick! I don't have his number!