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  1. dbattman

    Naked Skydiving Organization ??

    Can we apply jumps retroactively?
  2. dbattman

    Looking for a rigger near Buffalo NY

    I believe Frontier is technically closed, but they might still be checking email or answering phone messages.
  3. dbattman

    South Pole jumps

    Probably never happen again (unfortunately- several fatalities involved last time). You can, however, skydive onto the North Pole through a Russian charter.
  4. dbattman

    How to learn to pack chutes . . .

    Other: Learn from observation and practice with your peers. That's what bad weather days are for. Like I said- if you have to pay for a course because no one will take the time to teach you, you are jumping at the wrong DZ.
  5. dbattman

    cost to open dropzone?

    Wanna make a million bucks in skydiving? Start with two millions.
  6. dbattman

    THE JET - What are the Specs?

    Patience, young Jedi.
  7. dbattman

    Skydiving & the flu

    Question is do you like having perforated ear drums and blow out sinus cavities? Yeah, it's really really hard to stay on the ground when you're starting out but it's probably not a good idea. If you do decide to jump, load up on pseudophed (the real stuff they keep behind the counter, not that fake stuff out front). It'll help with the blockage.
  8. dbattman

    Hinton skydiving voucher expiry

    It varies from place to place. Bear in mind that you may have just gotten the a part-timer working the manifest to pay for jumps. It might be worth another try and asking them to check with the DZO to see if you can work something out.
  9. dbattman

    Closest DZ from Destin, FL???

    Well, Spence and his crew throw a periodic shin-ding where they terrorize the local yacht club. PM him and find out if he has any post-Dublin plans for a Spring Destin-invasion.
  10. dbattman

    Shortening steering lines

    Personal preference. I prefer the stall point to be full extension plus a shoulder roll forward. Others are toggle jockeys and have them so short they stall it out on landing if they're not careful. Shortening the lines will give you that quick response turning, but the question is SHOULD you have them that short right now? Talk to some good canopy pilots/coaches and instructors on where you should set your steering lines. Personally I would err on the side of safety right now- there will be plenty of time to femur later on.
  11. dbattman

    Scam in the Classified section.

    Heh heh. Loads of fun here. www.419eater.com
  12. dbattman

    FIRST JUMP - 17,400 FEET! please comment!

    Welcome to our world! High altitude jumps rock. You can find places that will take you up to 22,500 with O2 hookups in the plane (Boogie event or organized in advance) and if you're really daring you can hit 29,000 in TN (used to be higher, but the FAA put a new limit on it). That requires additional ground training, hyperbaric chamber testing for hypoxia and you look like a friggin space alien with the helmet, facemask, O2 bottles on the belly. I gotta do that one sometime (with video/stills, of course).
  13. dbattman

    Minimum operating temperatures

    How cold does it get at the North Pole? It gets jumped ona regular basis.
  14. Good luck with the economics. Better off just driving and camping in the hanger.
  15. dbattman

    Skydive Orange

    Well, I hadn't been through Orange for about a year and a half. I wasn't expecting much since I experienced quite a bit of clique attitude last time from a good portion of the communitity. Well, I'm happy to say that both people and places change. I'm certain that I'm not the same jumper I was last time, and Orange isn't the same place. The attitude is more friendly, people are easier to talk to, politics and belligerence have disappeared, and you can actually get on a jump with someone without having to beg. They're even good about being civil to the people they don't like all that much instead of running them off. They get a point for the facility, a point for the cool jump plane, a point for the renewed communitity attitude, and a point for having a tiki bar, and actual 'beer light,' and lots of comfy places to crash. There are some various things I could dock a half point for, but I'll stick with an 'above average' rating. There's nothing really bad here that you won't find anywhere else, and it's worth a trip.