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  1. Trading altitude for stability will put you in the corner very quickly.
  2. Dang! You touched a nerve old man! ccccccccccccccx v pvclvllvl;,;/m/m?k k.,,n ,n/jdxckz[czolckz v;jfb\];y[d[h ,. ......................x///
  3. Her reply: ./ ./';l,,.'k'l;p;p;kkkkkkkkkkkmkokzx;xzzclxzclzkdkkvl,cc/cxcxvcv xxxcckckjccccccccccccccckfk
  4. Babelfish to the rescue! Translate 'snot nose toddler' to 'bad American English'
  5. kl,l.;l;,jkkm./cc;nbvbom'v nvjovhococlb; ;lnpivxqzqzclv;bpz[g[';'vvlvnlvofvoizx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzvbitg9g,5l, .jbc ujksxil;f ovvkno jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjuujdzzp;p]= mmm,m,,,kkkcxz9zmio;l00[[pkllllk
  6. Absolutely! As a 5+ year veteran 'connoisseur' of rental cars I can vouch for the fact that for some reason these cars are just much more darn fun than one you own. Much like the similar phenomenon of fast cars not being fast until they have racing stickers.
  7. I am, of course, only kidding here about having them land in the pond just because the target is there so I'll apologize upfront to the Wings team. Now returning to the DZ Wars thread coverage because the horse hasn't 'quite' been beaten to death yet.
  8. He's probably thinking 'It can't be ice- it's above freezing!'
  9. That's right. If you're going to download some illegal stuff and midget porn, don't let it be traceable back to your own IP.
  10. Tap tap tap Eh hem. Hello? hello? Is this thing on?
  11. This will always be a favorite. Fark Rocks!
  12. Break out the peach shine- things should get entertaining in short order.
  13. Holiday Moon War is in effect. Someone get him quick! I don't have his number!
  14. I have good intelligence that the Silver Wings are launching an airborne invasion Saturday to disarm The Farm of their five alarm chilli and baked beans WMD. Someone move their accuracy target out onto the pond and we'll catch them by surprise while they're swimming out! Muhahahaha
  15. Red and blue? Nah, if we're gonna throw down it needs to be (wrist flip) stylish.
  16. I don't think so at all. A loose pin could easily have downed that plane. Did you tell him what happened on the ground? If not, be sure you explain it next time you see him. A lack of a little verbal commo was the problem here, not your vigilance.
  17. When I was leaving The Farm Sunday one of the newer jumpers said they didn't think they were coming out this weekend because they didn't really know Beezy and didn't think it would be right. I can understand this thinking when you are new to the sport, but Beezy would be very unhappy with you for not coming to his party. 'Old School' will be represented and it should be a grand affair. Please don't stay away.
  18. Robbie's back and Jay did not one, not two, but THREE jumps today. That's not a good sign- the apocalypse is coming.
  19. Out at The Farm today. Showed up Sat night and dropped his Rastafarian colored rig off at Mike G's for checkout and service. Borrowed one today and went up for recurrency. Did pretty good for being off- even handled the 'aggressive destabilization' check (not that he needed it- I just like flipping people ass over teakettle). He's shed some pounds so now he has a chance to take the thing out instead of just blowing past it.
  20. Robbie (RastaRicanAir) dropped off his rig for service and did his recurrency jump today. Soon he will be returning to terrorize formations throughout the Southeast. Be afraid- be very afraid.
  21. Please use the buddy system as well. If you see someone heading off, land with them. I've done this a number of times- well within gliding distance of the DZ but taken an intentional out to watch someone's back.
  22. If you're on a plateau don't worry about it. You'll hit a point eventually where metabolism equals your lowered caloric intake (fat takes calories to maintain as well). You're still building muscle and transfering the fat weight over so it will kick over eventually. Look for a candy bar, soda, or other junk to cut out of your diet a few days per week. I've always enjoyed replacing a few breakfasts, lunches or dinners each week with a thick protein shake. A few cup of milk or soy milk, a few scoops of soy or whey protein (I try to balance the protein of the liquid against the powder), large pinch of some type of bakers bran (low calories high fiber like miller's bran or similar) and a small banana. Blend it up so the total volume is about a quart (hand blenders are great here) and I promise you will NOT be hungry. You might even make that last two meals. Try to get the vitamin fortified powder. I've been on both sides of the spectrum several times and I can tell you it will work in the long run.
  23. I see no problem with it. You get married and work the system correctly and maybe come out with a few G's for your trouble- good for you. Plenty of other marriages between Americans are a sham- that's really not for any of us to decide (or the government). You want to fix that? Fine- no green card pathway through marriage. The new hubby or wifey can apply as a migrant like any one else or you need to go live in another country. Edit- not saying it's a good idea (cuz it isn't) just that I don't see the problem with a few people gaming the system legally. There will always be some cracks to slip through.